One pump has a black powdercoated base, the other has a white powdercoated base. Both pumps have rebuilt Veedor-Root units. For those on the West Coast, that is a $250.00 expense for each Veedor-Root. Both pumps were completely disassembled and sandblasted by Ajax Sandblasting of Van Nuys, CA. All items under the sheetmetal have been rattle can painted. Sheetmetal is very straight after being restored by Abstract Fiberglass Auto Body of Reseda, CA. Door latch mechanisms are complete and working with hinges. Both have a complete sightglass manifold. Electrical manifolds have been rewired with new fixtures. Inner door trim pices for door glass are powder coated white. Buy your own door trim, ad glasses, door glass, signage, hose and nozzles. EACH PUMP IS $850.00 You can part them out for more than that!!!!!! NO TRADES