I picked up a new gas pump salt and pepper set this week that I had never encountered before and am hoping someone out there has seen a similar set. I had never seen a H. C. Watson set before and my first impression, when I saw the photos online, was that someone had removed the paper meters and replaced them with Texaco decals. Now that I have the set in hand I am not sure that this set has ever been altered. I also located a miniature cement trowel engraved “TO CEMENT OUR FRIENDSHIP H. C. WATSON - - TEXACO ONLEY, VIRGINIA”. I also found reference to a small anvil engraved similarly. I did a little research and found that H. C. Watson was the area Texaco distributor for Onley, Virginia in the 1940’s and 1950’s.
My question is: Has anyone else seen a similar S&P set and did they have pump meters on them or did they have the same small Texaco decals?
I’ve been collecting gas pump S&P shakers for almost 20 years and am constantly learning how much I don’t know about the subject!

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Regards, Jim

I collect gas pump salt and pepper shakers
and the plastic coin banks made by AVSCO.