Dear Oldgas friends.

Would you like to know in depth the history of one of the best tire companies ever existed in the United States?

Surely you know that the tire industry of the first decades of the twentieth century was dominated by the so-called "Big Four"—the leaders US Rubber, Goodyear, Goodrich and Firestone. Fisk was fifth in the ranking, but his advertising was impressive and stood out from the rest over the years.

Do you want to know the REAL and COMPLETE story of this pioneer tire company? Who created the famous Fisk boy mascot? What was the role of Mabel Webber, one of the first women in the tire industry in occupying the position of advertising director leading the Fisk advertising department, commissioning beautiful illustrations to the best American illustrators of the Golden Age such as Maxfield Parrish, Peter Helck, Norman Rockwell, Harrison Cady, and Jessie Wilcox Smith, N. C. Wyeth, among others?

It is a pleasure to share with you the results of my ten-year research as a scholar especialized in the pioneer tire companies graphic design and advertising strategies (1880s-1930s). I’m a professor of Graphic Design subject at the University of Barcelona, Catalonia, a pasionated academic researcher and writer… and a collector too.

If you want to know more about the Fisk Tire Co. and its amazing advertising history, download it in next links (the chapter is divided into three pdf files) :

There you will find an entire article devoted to Fisk written by me, accompanied by dozens of incredible images never published before. Surely it's worth looking at!

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my academic research, gathered in my Thesis dissertation dealing with the American pioneer tire industry:
The Forgotten Years of Bibendum. Michelin’s American Period in Milltown: Design, Illustration and Advertising by Pioneer Tire Companies (1900-1930).

There you will find the story of other important tire companies such as Kelly, Gillette, Cupples, Lee, Republic, Hood, India and Miller, among others.

You can find them in the link:

I wish you to be useful.

I'm looking forward to reading your comments and apportations to the topic!

Greetings from Barcelona, Catalonia.

Sincerely, Pau.

Dr. Pau Medrano-Bigas
Professor of Graphic Design at the Grade of Design.
Department of Visual Arts and Design.
Sant Jordi Faculty of Fine Arts.
University of Barcelona.
Email (Department):
Member of GRACMON,
Research Group in
Contemporary Art and Design History,
University of Barcelona.

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