Anyone want these wood plaques? Make a small donation to Old Gas and they are yours (all 7 of them). Just pay shipping.

I have 7 wood plaques that were made specifically for pump plates. These were hanging in the office of an old oil jobber.

I’m not sure if there is even any interest for them (and I know we could all make them ourselves), that's why I'm just asking for a small donation to Old Gas.


They are various sizes and the Gulf ones are even the trapezoid shape. They appear to be made of oak, pine, and maple. All of them are stained, polyurethaned, and have the edges routed. You could also strip and stain them any color you want. The back side has a slot for a nail in the wall. Brass screws are also included. These look real good hanging inside on the wall.

To give you an idea on size, the Fire Chief sign is the common 12” x18”, the Mobil sign is 13.75” x 12”, the Sky Chief sign is the smaller 8” x 12” (note: these are the measurements of the signs themselves). The rest are common sizes. And there are numerous other pump plates that would work on them as well.


Again, just bid here (you are bidding for all 7 wood plaques) and we will work out the payment process at the end. Buyer pays shipping (Delivery to Utica MI gas show, or Dixie Gas is possible). Let’s end it on Monday, August 20th at 11pm eastern.

And if no one wants them, no worries, I'm still going to make a donation.

And if I didn’t mention it... THE SIGNS ARE NOT INCLUDED !!!

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WTB signs: WHITE STAR, FILMOIL, FLYING A button and Economical Transportation Chevrolet Sign. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.