After seeing the recent post of the "garbage can" homemade pump, how many of you have made your own pump. Several years ago when I had 'cabin fever' in winter, I put together pieces of: PVC cylinder w/ flange bottom, flattened aluminum lamp shade top, plexi cylinder, plastic parts, stainless bolts, brass shut off valve, original rubber hose, etc. I bolted it to a 24" diameter cement step stone with stainless studs. Minus the cement bottom and repro globe, it weighs only about 125 lbs. and is basically waterproof for outside use. It's all held together with a 1 1/2" stainless pipe going up through everything. Wiring for globe goes through it. With the exception of the cement base, globe, and plexi cylinder, it's all built of throw away items from my company's dumpster! It can be done with very little cost!

fake visible.jpg fake visi.jpg