I just purchased a cast iron version of the Bowser Red Sentry (Cut 241). There are 2 parts missing that I would like to reproduce. The first missing part is a pointer on the bottom of the serrated bar/lift rod that raises when the pump handle is turned. The pointer has a 90 degree bend on the end of it and it points to a gallon total "stick" that mounts to the frame. I have only seen two cast iron Red Sentry pumps with the pointer intact and the gallon "stick". Maybe this was an option and not found on regular production Red Sentry.

Does anyone own a cast iron Cut 241 with one or both of these features. If so, could you posts close up photos of the gallon "stick" bracket where it attaches at top and bottom and a close up of the pointer and how it attaches to the lift rod. Attached are snippets of a cast iron 241 that I found on youtube.

gallon marker bracket.JPG pointer 2.JPG pointer with gallon indicator bracket.JPG