Probably a good chance to get some things cheap as I never have much luck with eBay auctions crazy. Some cool maps and a few cans. Good luck!

263671628696 Lion Oil Lot
263671629075 two Seaside Oil Co Maps
263671629396 Vacuum Oil Brochure
263671630059 Shell UK Calendar Blotter
263671631213 German Veedol Map
263671631587 French Essolube Map
263671631960 Michelin Renault Map
263671632300 Standard NJ Map
263671632626 Two 1930s Veedol Map
263671633297 Two Shell Maps
263674993850 Three Purity/Ind Oil Cans
263674997149 Four Veedol/Tydol Blotters
263674998019 Home/Triangle Oil Maps
263675001735 Rare 1931 Deep Rock Map
263675003293 Canad. Quaker/Avon Can
263675004544 Two Union Oil Maps
263675005445 Champion Matchbooks
263675010155 Signal Oil Trip Books
263675013853 Two Cities Service Maps
263675015436 Three Gulf Maps
263675017280 Columbia Cup Grease
263675018605 Auto Matchbooks
263675021156 Veltex Grease Can
263675060717 Penn Defender Oil Can

Looking for European Shell, Veedol, Standard, Vacuum, Michelin and Sinclair ephemera/cans/signage