Testing the waters, this is my first classified post.
I have a very rough 176, at least that is what I was told by a member on here, that I am on the fence as to selling or fix up for personal display.
Because I am money conscious (another word for cheap), I am going to see what is available on this site that would allow me to have pump with patina. The cylinder I need is 10 inches (ID) in diameter. I am not constrained on height, so anything 18 inches and taller or even shorter. I would prefer glass over acrylic. I would settle for other’s seconds or their less desirable parts So BB holes, maybe a small crack that could be hidden if turned toward the back. Skins, same thing. Perfection not neccessay. I have a portion of the old skins, I measured from what was left. I come up with L= 68 1/4 inches, top diameter =10 1/4 in. , bottom = 18in. I will re measure to assure accuracy. Again, some rust out, heavily pitted, relatively small cuts or cutouts, dented are all acceptable if prices reflect defects. Need a handle too (any length or brand). Prefer parts in the Midwest , but will consider anything if the price is right. If I can’t get this old gal fixed up on a budget, then I will sell it. Thanks. PM with offers please.

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