I came across this picture on ebay. Vacuum buys White Star in 1930 and Mobil merges with Vacuum in 1931. So this picture was likely taken in the early 30's. I was originally interested in the globes. Then I noticed this picture also captured a great piece of White Star history. This very cool curb sign. Google shows me there are some examples of this sign around. But I'm sure they're not easy to come by. The last picture is from google of what the sign looked like.

Being from Detroit it would be cool to get some White Star stuff some day. The stuff is not easy to come buy at a reasonable price.

White Star Ethyl curb sign (2).jpgWhite Star Ethyl curb sign (3).jpgWhite Star Ethyl curb sign (4).jpgScreen Shot 01-08-18 at 05.06 AM (2).JPG
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Steve Coppens
Always interested in Sunoco items!
Really want a Sunoco National pump ad glass!!