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#701923 - Fri Jan 05 2018 07:07 PM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: BryceG]
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#701926 - Fri Jan 05 2018 07:14 PM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: BryceG]
Craig Osbeck Offline
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Just a thought, call the company you bought the trusses from and ask for the structural engineer that engineered them. Let them know what and how much weight might be put on them. He can then make a professional judgement rather than guessing. You may have to add a strip of ply or other possibly metal between the bottom and top, small but would really increase strength.

#701928 - Fri Jan 05 2018 07:24 PM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: BryceG]
wayno48 Offline
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The bottom cord is not supporting the top cord (rafter) they are working together. The webs (diagonals)are tied together with the top and bottom cord with Gang nail plates.The rafters are going to be stronger because of the pitch of the roof.But hey it's a truss. They build bridges this way.

#701953 - Sat Jan 06 2018 09:42 AM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: BryceG]
Hud Oil Offline
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Bryce, nice building now you can really stack the signs in , looks great

#702133 - Mon Jan 08 2018 08:24 PM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: BryceG]
bsplichal95 Offline
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I design roof trusses at the Heartland Building Center Truss Plant. Our trusses are designed to be 3x stronger than what they are rated for!

If I was you I would contact the place who built your trusses and ask them for the load rating on the trusses and see what weight they can carry as extra weight, such as a snow load or wind load....
Braden Splichal

#702142 - Mon Jan 08 2018 09:18 PM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: BryceG]
puregas Offline
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Registered: Fri Aug 19 2005
Loc: murfreesboro,tn, usa
Bryce & Braden,
While the truss does work as a unit, the question about trusses that I've always wondered is how much weight will the bottom chord carry before the nail plates give away? I don't imagine it's as much as the liveload(snow) that the truss(as a unit) would support. I don't know that the chords are rated but I would imagine there would also be a rating for ceiling material and mechanical equipment(deadload) that might also be suspended from the trusses. I believe there would be a rating for liveload and deadload combined.
What Daryl said about laying a piece of pipe across would be good when your trusses are closer together. Bryce with yours being eight feet apart, that probably wouldn't help spread the weight out much. As a side note about using the pipe, I would use slotted unistrut. Easier to position eye bolts and just have to penetrate ceiling if you have a finished ceiing with the threaded rod part.

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#702179 - Tue Jan 09 2018 09:30 AM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: BryceG]
BryceG Offline
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Registered: Mon Jan 28 2013
Loc: Peoria, IL
Thanks Braden & Pat.

Pat you touched on exactly what my concern is... the dead weight that is pulling only on the bottom chord. And since I have no manuf. info on the trusses cause they were already there, I have no place to call to see if there is a rating for dead weight on that bottom chord. And while a couple signs doesnt sound like much, if you had ceiling weight, insulation, lighting, and signs... it all adds up and might be too much, idk.

I will see if I can contact the original hay building contractor and see if he can point me in the direction of the truss manufacturer or offer any advice
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#702182 - Tue Jan 09 2018 10:40 AM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: BryceG]
JimT Online   content
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Registered: Fri Dec 06 2002
Loc: Cleveland,Ohio U.S.A.
Bryce, if your worried about the weight on the bottom cord, why dont you just screw eyes into the rafters and hang chains, then you could put them any height you want.If you dont want to drill into the rafters, sister a 2X board along side, that would actually increase the strength.

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#702185 - Tue Jan 09 2018 11:46 AM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: BryceG]
BrianH Offline
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You guys are making me really nervous about that 4ft Shell sign I have hanging right over the trunk of the 40 Ford....


#702229 - Wed Jan 10 2018 08:51 AM Re: Hanging Signs in a Pole Building [Re: JimT]
It's for sale Offline
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JimT has the answer. You won't have to worry if you tie across the
upper part of the truss and use light chain. Plywood would probably be lighter and stronger than 2X

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