I am selling these two Tokheim 39's. I can bring them to Columbus.

They are older restorations (not done by me) and aren't perfect, but nice outdoor pumps. Or they could be easy restorations. One has ad glass, one doesn't. Two doors are swapped in the pic to make it look like they both have ad glass for display purposes.

The one with the ad glass (Phillips) keeps the Phillips globe (and gets both ad glass doors) - $1500.

The one without ad glass could also easily be turned into another orange brand (Gulf, Clark, etc,) with the right globe and decals/PPPs - $1400

Take both for $2700.

The doors without ad glass, on the back, are in the same condition as the doors with ad glass.


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WTB signs: WHITE STAR, FILMOIL, 48" FLYING A button and Economical Transportation Chevrolet Sign. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.