Hi everybody! I was wondering if anybody out there has ever seen a wooden engine oil barrel. I found one on my parents farm in Central PA that has The Atlantic Refining Company logo on one end and some print on the other end that is too hard to read due to it having a lot of crud and grime. I am trying to research the age and value of this barrel. The farm house used to have an old general store and post office attached to the end back in the early 1900's. Any input would be appreciated.

I also have a Standard Oil barrel that was in the basement of the old store. Unfortunately it still had some thick smelly oil in it so I tore it apart, cleaned it out and put it pack together but the logo on the end of it was destroyed in the cleaning process. It also had the original metal spout in the end yet. So now I just have a really cool old red barrel with a metal spout. I don't want to do anything to ruin the Atlantic barrel.

I realize that my item is a little different than the rest of the posts on this site but please bear with me.

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