I've made a couple of resolutions with regard to the hobby in general and oldgas in particular.Since you guys will probably have to put up with them I'll warn you in advance.

First,there is an old (20's?)station here in NM that also served as the local post office.This thing is in the middle of nowhere and is not built in the style one would expect considering the location.I'm going to research it some more and do a post on why it might be there and why it was built the way it was.I haven't done it before because it may be a long post with deveral pics.Thai year I'm going to do it.

Second,I haven't posted a lot of times when I could have regarding the reaction of visitors to my place because at times some of the comments are of a negative tone.I'll be careful about it,but i'm going to post more often,both pro and con,about what the general public and beginners think about a few things.To do that,I'll spend more time with yhem than I have lately.

Have a good year!!