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Long Island @ $2.66 for regular. Dropping on a regular basis.

Still expensive compared to the rest of the country....

Merry Christmas!
1.99 here in Naperville Il. today.
Dallas I paid $1.86 for regular today. It is still dropping.
Saw 2.19 in the next town over today. I'm in antioch,il
1.91 in Greenville SC
Round Rock, TX
Cheapest is $1.85, most are $1.89-$1.91.
Those by the freeway are a bit more.

I happen to live in a little pocket where gat seems to be about 5c cheaper that the surrounding cities.
Posted By: archer2 Re: Question....Where do you live and how much is gas? - Wed Dec 24 2014 12:12 AM
$2.15 in Warrenton VA
$1.91 in Monett,MO today...
Greeley Colorado,
lowest prices are regular 1.99 / diesel 3.15 and dropping....
Posted By: Tankar Re: Question....Where do you live and how much is gas? - Wed Dec 24 2014 01:06 AM
minnesota 2,19
$1.97 Pauls valley Oklahoma
2.66 in Binghamton, NY.
Filled up the wife's van today at $1.92, + 5 cent discount, $1.87 in Plainwell, Mi.
1.81 for regular in Bartlesville Ok.
1.99 in Jackson, MS. This is some major chain yanking. And folks gonna scream bloody murder when it goes back into the mid 3's in a few weeks. But, being one who drives a Suburban daily, the little breather sure is nice.
$1.79 in Owasso,Oklahoma, $2.65 for Diesel
Around $2.85 in San Jose, CA. Drops to $2.45 if you buy a car wash with the gas.
Montana 1.99 And been dropping almost everyday for some time.
$2.299 at Phillips 66 in Bradley, IL yesterday. That's the cheapest it's been here in many years.
Posted By: 32 gas Re: Question....Where do you live and how much is gas? - Wed Dec 24 2014 07:48 PM
$2.25 in Fayetteville Ga.
Posted By: Johnay Re: Question....Where do you live and how much is gas? - Wed Dec 24 2014 08:04 PM
South Western Ontario its @ 94.7/litre that would be $3.57/gallon
Doc you thinking of relocating for better gas prices?
1.88.9 a gal. MT.Juliet ,TN.
It's $2.77 on the Big Island in Kailua Kona. Everything is more expensive here...we like to refer to high prices as paradise tax...it makes us feel better lol
Yesterday in Cheney, Wa. the least was $2.19. In Post Falls, Id., the news reported a station with $1.69 per gallon.
Wa. state has pretty high fuel taxes and a lot of people pop across the border for gas.

These posts got me to wondering how much the taxes varied from state to state.

Gasoline tax
(includes federal tax of 18.4/gal)

US (Volume-Weighted) Average 49.9

Alabama 39.3
Alaska 30.8
Arizona 37.4
Arkansas 40.2
California 71.3
Colorado 40.4
Connecticut 67.7
Delaware 41.4
District of Columbia 41.9
Florida 54.4
Georgia 45.9
Hawaii 66.5
Idaho 43.4
Illinois 57.5
Indiana 59.2
Iowa 40.4
Kansas 43.4
Kentucky 48.5
Louisiana 38.4
Maine 48.4
Maryland 45.4
Massachusetts 44.9
Michigan 37.4
Minnesota 47.0
Mississippi 36.8
Missouri 35.7
Montana 46.2
Nebraska 45.7
Nevada 51.6
New Hampshire 40.6
New Jersey 32.9
New Mexico 37.3
New York 68.3
North Carolina 56.2
North Dakota 41.4
Ohio 46.4
Oklahoma 35.4
Oregon 49.5
Pennsylvania 60.2
Rhode Island 51.4
South Carolina 35.2
South Dakota 40.4
Tennessee 39.8
Texas 38.4
Utah 42.9
Vermont 50.5
Virginia 35.7
Washington 55.9
West Virginia 54.1
Wisconsin 51.3
Wyoming 42.4

$2.30 in the Pan Handle of Florida
1.969 yesterday in Danville Illinois about the same just a few miles east in Covington Indiana
Posted By: jwood7 Re: Question....Where do you live and how much is gas? - Thu Dec 25 2014 03:53 PM
2.20 in South East Indiana
New York is more than twice the tax rate than New Jersey. :p
$1.99 here in Wichita, but was in Tulsa on Tuesday & filled up at $1.79.
Hays, KS and it is $2.04 a gallon.
Made national news..
Gasoline is $1.88 here today at the Marathon station in Lombard.Rear wheel drive V8's are hip again.
2.11 is what I paid Friday in Stockbridge MI but where I live it's 1.97 haslett MI
I got gas yesterday in Oklahoma City for $1.68
Bout equivalent to 3.92 USD Per gallon here and it's cheap...and we have vast reserves? Hmmmm
Out West we are .80-.81CDN/L which works out to $3.61/gallon USD
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