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Posted By: gasoildude Soggy Saturday. - Sat Jan 11 2014 03:57 PM
Good morning there everyone. Got the temps in the low 30s & the snow is melting away fast. It is 70 degrees warmer than it was at the beginning of the week with the wind chill figured in. Going to be taking it easy today. Went to the doctor yesterday to find out I have bronchitis & a ear infection. No wonder I was feeling crummy!!! Well I guess I will just watch the snow melt away. Have to get rid of this before Columbia!!! HAGD smile
Posted By: 1 BAD ZR1 Re: Soggy Saturday. - Sat Jan 11 2014 05:10 PM
We have VERY icy roads. Snow is melting but it was so cold the pavement wont warm up and a number of state roads in the county have been closed all night. Something like 150 accidents between 6 pm and midnite last night in the two county area. It is still really slick. My cop buddy said he had 5 four wheelers in the ditch that couldn't understand how 4 wheel drive didn't save them. Idots . People wonder why I don't drive my 350 diesel and drive my late fathers Buick. It is a lot less weight to stop on ice and slick salt water based roads. Anyway hoping for some sun as these gigantic snow banks melt onto the road and freeze. HAGD Rob
Posted By: Dave's Garage Re: Soggy Saturday. - Sat Jan 11 2014 06:56 PM
Not to mention weight distribution, co-efficients of friction between road surface and tires and center of gravity which are all better with the Buick.
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Soggy Saturday. - Sat Jan 11 2014 07:29 PM
Hi everyone,

High 40s today and high 50s tomorrow. Hard to believe we were below zero on Monday. Most of the snow is gone and streets are normal. Worked at the food pantry since dawn. Gave out a lot of food to over 400 local people. Trained in a new 30-something volunteer. I think he is hooked and will be a regular.

Have a great Saturday in Oldgasland!
Posted By: THE AMERICAN GARAGE Re: Soggy Saturday. - Sat Jan 11 2014 10:36 PM
A high of 55 here today with lots of heavy showers. Nice after a long frigid week. Such a thaw makes my lawn sound like walking across a big wet sponge. Temps should remain above freezing for about 5 days.

Enjoy the Heatwave if you're gettin' it! smile
Posted By: bruzer75 Re: Soggy Saturday. - Sun Jan 12 2014 02:48 AM
Howdy everybody,
Good and wet here too. Perfect day to be indoors. Grandson needs me to be the monster so here I go.
May God bless us all,
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