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Posted By: st.rod Good Morning! - Thu Sep 26 2019 01:53 PM
Good morning to all. Real nice day ahead for Colorado, hope its nice where ever you are.

Larry smile
Posted By: gatorgaspumps Re: Good Morning! - Thu Sep 26 2019 02:11 PM
Good morning Larry. Windy here with rain on the way. Good day to work in the shop. Wonder how many we can get to stop by and say hello? Richard
Posted By: Young's Union Re: Good Morning! - Thu Sep 26 2019 02:28 PM
Good morning group. Rainy in Maltby WA. Just headed for my second cup of coffee!! j
Posted By: MetroPetro Re: Good Morning! - Thu Sep 26 2019 04:44 PM
Hello all, beautiful blue sky day here in North Jersey. Great day to be outside!
Posted By: K W FRITH Re: Good Morning! - Thu Sep 26 2019 07:10 PM
Greetings all! Been a busy day here since 7am!
I went and picked up five 6 foot spruce trees for planting tomorrow!
We get too much wind coming up the slope from the lake and I'm hoping these will grow big enough in my lifetime to help a little!
That's being pretty optimistic, since I am 70! LOL
Have a great day on me!!
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Good Morning! - Thu Sep 26 2019 09:48 PM
Hi Everyone,

Beautiful day here. Stopped by Lowe's and saw a marked down plant rack. Picked up a dozen flowering perennials for a dollar each. They had been priced $6.98 each. Great deal, but now I have some work cut out for me to get 'em planted.

Have a great Thursday out there in Oldgasland.

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