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this is my first post. love the forum.
i Want to start to collecting a few old oil cans for my rec room and bar.
what do i look for? i notice some have soldered seems are them older ones?
any help would be greatly appreciated
square soldered
soldered seam [round can]
crimped seam
formed plastic [round can, metal lid]
cardboard [metal top & botttom]
plastic [retangle]
Generally speaking the metal cans are older and usually more valuable than the cardboard composite cans. However if you're just looking for atmosphere and don't want to spend a fortune on cans you can still find the common cardboard ones fairly cheap ($1.00 to 5.00). As a rule, the more interesting the graphics (pictures of cars, boats, airplanes, etc.) the more expensive the can, both cardboard and metal.

I have focused my cheap can collection on any cans with racing flags or called "racing oil" and branded service station cans (like Shell, Chevron RPM, Flying A, etc.).

If you want to get serious about cans guys like Scott Shipers can help you out, but be prepared to make an investment if you want the really good ones.
Some people collect full cans, some empty, some cardboard, some metal, some rough, some mint, just big companies, just graphic.My point is you should collect whatever makes you happy because their are many ways you can go.

You have to please nobody but yourself. Good luck and make sure and post some pictures when you get started. Here is one of the six shelves I have in my rec room. The picture is really big but I wanted to give you a close up.

Scott Shipers
WANTED: quart oil cans
Kansas City, Missouri

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Welcome to the best site on the internet Don!
Some people collect only items from one oil company too. Like Scott say you only have to please yourself.

Scott, if you post any more pictures of your outstanding quart collection you might turn me into a can collector!
thank you for the warm welcome all the repies and advise
i like to have some knowledge about what i'm buying. like when you look on ebay and its says Rare find, is it really.
but your right you need to collect what appeals to you. its nice to have something that is a conversion piece also.

Quartcans, you have a beautiful collection
thank you for the picture

thanks again
Welcome aboard Don. Since you are familiar with ebay, you can do a "completed auction" search for any can you may be interested in for a general price. As for "Rare" cans on ebay, the bidding and price will reflect that. And you are more than welcome to ask any question about a can on this site. That's why we are here, to help each other out and share information, ideas, and our collections.
Hi Gary
here is a couple of autions i'm looing at

could you take a look at thes and see what you think of these.
Don, I have never seen that RPM version before, so the price looks excellent on it now. If it is rare, the bids will start flowing. The Phillips is pretty common and I would guess around $25-$30 for value. I haven't really kept up on can pricing in about a year, so maybe Scott can advice you more and also shed some light on that RPM can. It looks like you have at least started off looking at some nice cans that won't break the bank but are very nice and collectible. Good luck.
Thanks Gary
i'm going to bid on that rpm can i just hope a bunch of people off here decide to do the same thing ..lol
Don, Their are two versions of the RPM you are wanting to bid on, the one you see and a blue and green version. The red is a little faded on this can but still kind of a hard to get can. Just like all auctions the bidding will start with about 30 seconds left in the auction. Hope you get it and if you do post in Buy Of The Week.

Scott Shipers
WANTED: quart oil cans
Kansas City, Missouri
do you think i should bid on both rpm oil cans ? that seller also has a mobil w/ red horsein it thats looks nice. i thought about that one also
The Mobiloil is an Aero version. Less common then most Mobil cans. I see the seller has the red RPM for sell also. Now Scott said in the previous post that "The red is a little faded on this can", I assume meaning the orange RPM since that is the one you are inquiring about. However, I am now confused by Scott's reply. So...Scott, is there an orange version or is that can a faded red? Don, if the can has faded to orange, I'd pass and go for the good red one. The seller has nice cans and if you want them..go for it!
hi Gary
i was kind of confused myself so the orange is actually red? and there was never a orange version.huh?
i think if thats the case i will bid on the other one although its slightly dented at the top.
Sorry for the confusion guys. I see now that in the description it does say rare orange. I thought it was a faded red. I have never seen the orange version, just the red one that has the dent he is also selling.

Email the seller to try and find out about the orange version, Craig Palmer the seller is a super nice guy.

Confused in Kansas City
Scott Shipers
will do... thanks Scott
Don, I did a little research and found an orange version in "Collecting Oil Cans". Above it is a red version and I thought I might be on to something where "1 quart net" appears on the orange can and "Therm-Charged" appears on the red can, both above the emblem. But the ebay seller's red can also has the "1 Quart Net". According to the book, the red "Thermo-Charged" is book- dated 1938 and the orange can 1946. In this time span, it is possible the "Thermo-Charged" was dropped. These two examples are the only ones of this style shown. No blue/green. The book is kinda old now and never really impressed me, but I would venture to say that there is an orange can.
Gary, I will post the blue/green when I get home from work.

I'm working now (well kind of)LOL

Scott Shipers
WANTED: quart oil cans
Kansas City, Missouri
i going to bid on it.
maybe i will get lucky and get it.
hope so anyway.
thanks for checking into this for me.
Good luck Don. Let us know if you win....or not. We are a curious bunch here!

Scott, I think I have seen the blue/green version and after reading my previous post, it may have appeared, by my comment, it did not exist because it was not in that book. There is a LOT of cans not in the book. I think there is a Volumn 2 that has been published. I know there is a blue/green version and a posting for others to see would be great...after you get off work (well, kind of). LOL
i sure will let you know if i win or not
i think it would a good first can to buy.
Hi Don, welcome to your new addiction. Buying quarts is addicting..heck..all gas and oil is addicting
Here is a link to some of the quarts I am selling..good luck if you bid.
or look at auction # 7182864130 and then my other auctions because I am selling alot of cans to make room for stuff.
if you bid..please do through oldgas by putting the auction number in the searchbox..that way oldgas gets a small commission. Have a great day.

Hubba: GAS GEEK , OIL FREAK and humble moderator

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Here is a picture of the green RPM quart. Good luck Don and as Hubba said welcome to the site.
Also their is a quart can book on this site that you can buy if you check the area that says Bookstore.

Scott Shipers
WANTED: quart oil cans
Kansas City, Missouri

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I can remove the bottom/top of cans, remove MOST of the dents then re-seal/lid [I have some N.O.S. tops/bottoms, also new plain lids] the cans. 4oz, 1qt, 1gal [6 1/2"dia.] & 5qt cans.
I have done several for Craig Palmer, and a few for others on this site.
well ididnt win that auction last night for the RPM can it went for $66.90
a little more than i wanted to spend
i did win a Texaco Aircraft oil can...its metal and looks like its in very good shape.
i dont know have any idea how old it is
but it is a good start .
i would upload a picture of it but i cant
figure out how to do it
have a good day
Hi Gary
here is the oil can i bought i hope i did this right http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a400/minocqa/oil.jpg
Don, I did a search for completed Texaco Aircraft cans and the one that ended last night was produced from 1968-80. One good thing about Texaco cans is that they are dated. Once you receive the can, there should be a date on it. Nice can.
thanks i think it will be a nice can to start my collection with even though its not real old
thank you for checking
Don, yep...that's the can I looked up. Looks like you have "linking" down. Check your email.
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