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Posted By: jkyocom 1988. $25.00 Pumps - Sun Mar 08 2020 02:54 PM
This is the second year I owned my 1979 Datsun King Cab. I still have her.
The first pump I ever restored and an A-38 in the bed of the Datsun, good times !

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Posted By: MATT ALVAREZ Re: 1988. $25.00 Pumps - Sun Mar 08 2020 06:22 PM
That is so cool. In 1995 when I started I was buying pumps for $20.00 to $500.00 depending on pump. I got a couple 36Bs for $500.00 each.
Posted By: Yellow57 Re: 1988. $25.00 Pumps - Sun Mar 08 2020 07:08 PM
super cool pic , great feeling got a pump your cleaning in driveway!! Love the Dotsun
Posted By: RedHat Re: 1988. $25.00 Pumps - Sun Mar 08 2020 11:18 PM
Posted By: jkyocom Re: 1988. $25.00 Pumps - Mon Mar 09 2020 04:08 AM
The reason I bought the Datsun. Transporting Motorcycles.
Then I found gas pumps......
I drove a 69 Ghia also, I was young, life was good.

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Posted By: Gas Pump Rob Re: 1988. $25.00 Pumps - Mon Mar 09 2020 01:54 PM
I love this post!!! Thanks for sharing! I started collecting in 1994 and also bought pumps cheep. I still
have a few that I paid $50.00 for lol! Even got a couple free!

Good memories and times!
Posted By: gasmelincelr Re: 1988. $25.00 Pumps - Wed Mar 11 2020 03:06 PM
Thanks for sharing the photos. Good stuff !
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