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Oil Can Display

Posted By: autoxnut

Oil Can Display - Tue Feb 19 2019 09:36 PM

I have previously posted on here about the oil can display at the Pontiac Museum in Pontiac, IL. I love the room full of cans. Examining a blow-up of the picture I took there, I decided they probably made their racks with 1x4 lumber, butt joints, no backs, and allowed the cans to protrude from the shelves about .5 inch. I think the look is great for the large volume of cans they have, which I suspect are all empty. I only have a few cans I wanted to display and some of them are full, so I modified their idea for my use. I purchased 1x6 lumber and cut 2 pieces to 26.75x4.25, 2 pieces to 17 1/8x4.25, and 3 pieces to 17 1/8x4.0. Each of the long pieces has a 3/8 by 3/4 rabbit on each end and 3 dados 3/8x3/4 spaced 5.75 inches apart. After assembly, I added a 1/4 inch plywood back.

Description: Pontiac Museum
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Description: Oil Can Rack
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Posted By: RedHat

Re: Oil Can Display - Wed Feb 20 2019 12:17 AM

Very cool!
Posted By: speeder3

Re: Oil Can Display - Sat Mar 16 2019 09:23 PM

Nice! What a great project!
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