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Posted By: Speedracer Economy Motor Oil 2-gallon graphic cans - Mon Jan 03 2022 05:49 AM
Economy Motor Oil 2-gallon graphic cans

Both cans show signs of age and wear. Scratches / minor dents, etc. Backside of both cans is faded. More pics upon request.

$40 each (plus shipping). Can also deliver to Spring Dixie, Michigan Gas, CTO, or Utica Michigan’s Gasoline Alley.

Attached picture 03211D45-0AFF-44D5-9B89-E7270D3ADB12.jpeg
Attached picture 97433355-F162-413A-B0DA-15C4A44F3635.jpeg
Attached picture 7AF0CD6F-29C0-4E49-8978-2D2B74CD4352.jpeg
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