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Posted By: Pogo's Garage Illinois Farm Supply Aladdin Gasoline 15" Lenses - Tue May 25 2021 08:55 PM
These were originally a custom run, but the customer has now opted have us offer them. We will be running them again next week, and they will be ready to ship first part of June. $199 We are also making decals, but will only be keeping a few on hand, so if you want any please let me know. $25

Here is a link to the page for both the lenses and decals, we also have high profile steel frames on hand. Aladdin Gasoline Lenses and Matching Decals

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Attached picture IllinoisFarmSupplySml.jpg
Would look great on an Erie...

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Posted By: Paul Bell Re: Illinois Farm Supply Aladdin Gasoline 15" Lenses - Fri May 28 2021 05:55 PM
Cool globe Lance!
Thanks Paul! The second run of lenses is done, and orders will be shipping on Monday. I only have 4 decals left, once they are gone, they will be available by special order.
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