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GAS PUMP PRE-SALE for CTO - Fri Jun 14 2019 04:11 PM

Pumps for sale for Columbus CTO delivery:

1) Bowser 595 - needs chrome trim $750

2) Bennett 546 - Nice pump. One door glass broken, small dent in side. Minor rust through at bottom corner. $1200

3) Tokheim 39 tall with two ad glass windows. Has a great look. Both pieces of trim molding at the top. It has a dent near the crank handle and access door, as shown in pictures. Solid pump. No rot, surface rust only. $1150

4) Wayne 619 visible w/ POSITIVE STOPS - Has original sightglass manifold. No glass, skins have some rust through. Top is rusted through. $1850

5) Tokheim 36B STATIONLIGHTER - very nice original Tokheim stationlighter. Very straight. The pump has the original Station Lighter 4-ad glass top (no cracks), the original Station Lighter light manifold, the original Station Lighter emblem on the top, and the original ID tag with the 36B SL stamped on it. The base is not cracked and the sheet metal that is there only has surface rust. The pump has the 'guts.' This pump is only missing the sight glass manifold and one door trim bezel. The front window bezel has a crack, but can be repaired. Will also need various trim parts. This pump does NOT have the actual Station Lighter lamp and pole. I am not bringing this heavy pump to Columbus unless it is purchased beforehand. $3600

6) Wayne 70 - someone started a restoration in red and black. This would be a very easy restoration. Needs to be repainted. ALL PARTS ARE THERE except sightglass/manifold, small side access door and ad glass. This pump has all the metal trim, door glass, computer, basically everything except what I listed. $1200

7) Wayne 276 - Pre-visible from 1915-1927. Solid and straight. $1250

8) Gilbarco 86 Calco-Meter Pump - includes 3 original Esso ad glass. Does not have the dome for the top. $1850

9) Tokheim 39 - Includes Phillips re-pop globe. This ump can easily be converted to GULF gas. This was an older restoration. $1850

Delivery to Columbus CTO. Pictures are in order of listings. More pics upon request. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Offers considered on some pumps. ONLY these pumps are for sale - NO pumps in the background of any picture are for sale.

Thanks, Steve

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Re: GAS PUMP PRE-SALE for CTO - Fri Jun 14 2019 04:15 PM


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Re: GAS PUMP PRE-SALE for CTO - Fri Jun 14 2019 04:17 PM


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Re: GAS PUMP PRE-SALE for CTO - Fri Jun 14 2019 04:20 PM


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Re: GAS PUMP PRE-SALE for CTO - Fri Jun 14 2019 04:29 PM


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Re: GAS PUMP PRE-SALE for CTO - Sat Jun 15 2019 05:43 PM

A couple questions have been asked about #4) the Wayne 619....

The frame pipes are all brand new and have been replaced with black pipe threaded correctly with the 2 3/4” long threads.

The pump does have the the pump mechanism that attaches to the frame, which will allow a handle to be attached to the outside. A short pipe will have to be replaced to hold it on. The pipe is a simple fix, I just don’t have time to tackle it before CTO.

I do not have the handle, but it takes a common Wayne handle, I’m sure.

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Re: GAS PUMP PRE-SALE for CTO - Sun Jun 16 2019 09:01 PM

Pump #4 Wayne 619 - SOLD, for Thursday pick up at CTO.
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