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Posted By: aajf Texaco lense value - Fri Sep 24 2021 06:47 PM
Hello All,

My friend has this Texaco single lense and wants to sell it. I told him i would ask the group. Any idea on the current value of this 13.5 inch Texaco lense?? Correct me if i am wrong but I believe it goes on a glass body globe??? The white background is faded (or maybe the lense is a original due to going on a mill glass body) but the red and green are very strong. Small chip on left side mounting tab. Any ideas on value appreciated. Thanks, Andrew

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Posted By: advertologist Re: Texaco lense value - Fri Sep 24 2021 07:31 PM
for comparison, mine also has the C at btm of black outer line .. ... cool

appears white is washed out, "if original" - IMO - in the 150. neighborhood

Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Texaco lense value - Fri Sep 24 2021 11:13 PM
Yes, deep notched for a glass body for sure. Luckily the chip went down instead of up, so it will still sit on a screw properly. Does this lens have a sort of "pebbly" almost matte-like finish to the front? I can't tell from the pics but it looks like the pair I have with the almost clear look to the usual white areas. They were made for a glass body so didn't require the white frit. Mine are not "C" marked either and were likely produced by a different company than CAPCO. I bought my now pair as singles and it took me quite a while to find another to match this particular style lens. I know mine are not reproductions......
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