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Posted By: Sydney L Tokheim Pumps - Wed May 12 2021 03:59 AM
Im headed to Louisiana on Friday to get some pumps. 1 is a Tokheim Interceptor with it's Fire Chief plates. The other 3 are like the ones pictured here. What's the exact model and value of these given the limited photos. Thank you in advance.
Note, I did not take these photos.


Attached picture IMG_20210511_212930.jpg
Attached picture IMG_20210511_212932.jpg
Posted By: gaspumpfrank Re: Tokheim Pumps - Wed May 12 2021 12:26 PM
Tokhiem 300's very common pumps
Posted By: tbuckles Re: Tokheim Pumps - Wed May 12 2021 01:47 PM
Retail if totally complete $800. One is a semi auto reset 300 and is missing the faces which are not reproduced. The other is a crank back computer 300. Both are missing the sight glass and spinners. Not being able to see completely but what I see they are missing at least $300 in parts. Buy accordingly.
Posted By: Sydney L Re: Tokheim Pumps - Wed May 12 2021 10:14 PM
Thank you both for your help!
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