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Posted By: Jamie P Signal Sign - Thu Aug 27 2020 04:09 PM
Need help with this one.
Is it an original?
If original...value?
12” and black on backside
Thank you!

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Posted By: advertologist Re: Signal Sign - Thu Aug 27 2020 04:39 PM
there are two variations of this sign- one with the circle R between the lower of the S & G & has reg US pat off below ethyl logo with, "with" above the logo-

last version is later example of same style pump sign with later ethyl logo -

what bothers me about yours is the yellow & orange doesn't look as bold - I do know that Bill Campbell/San Jose

reproduced some of the signal pump plates years ago & they were about dead on - possibly one of those

picture of other version & one of like sign of subject -

"quote sign of subject 12” and black on backside" .... sign should measure 11 7/8" and black on backside

sign of subject is questionable - please add your 2¢ .. ... cool

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Posted By: Dale Stephens Re: Signal Sign - Fri Aug 28 2020 12:40 AM
To me it looks like the white band around the outside is too wide, but just could be the way the pic was taken. Also, on Randy's two examples there is writing in the lower portion of the round ethyl starburst and the sign in question doesn't have that. Just my 2 cents....
Sorry, just noticed that Randy had mentioned the writing on the lower portion of the ethyl starburst also...
Posted By: Jamie P Re: Signal Sign - Fri Aug 28 2020 01:25 AM
Thank you!

Sign measurements 12” confirmed.
I also was concerned about the white border being too thick. That’s what brought me to question the sign originally. What I did not know was to question the size and the writing in the starburst.
So I passed on the opportunity to purchase with too many concerns
Thank you Randy & Dale for taking the time to respond.
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