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Posted By: gasgeezer RPM Spinner - Wed Mar 25 2020 10:54 PM
I saw a Chevron spinner sign at a fuel dealers office a while back and dont have a picture of it and cant find anything anywhere that looks like it. Im wanting to try and buy it from him but was hoping for some input? Its about 12" tall and has 3 curved 3D wings if that makes sense. It advertises RPM oil on the only side i can see and is green and cream colore. some red and black lettering etc. Im going off memory here so could be a rough idea.... Id say cond on the wing i can see is about a 7.5 Im sure this went on a 50s gas pump but not positive, maybe an oil stand / cabinet? Again i havnt ever seen one before. If anyone has a pic to share or an aprox idea of value id appreciate it. Sorry but its tucked back in a display case and hard to see
Posted By: minuteman Re: RPM Spinner - Wed Mar 25 2020 11:58 PM
I wouldn’t be in it for more than 200.00 Les. Chevron stuff isn’t at the top of most collectors list price wise.
Posted By: gasgeezer Re: RPM Spinner - Thu Mar 26 2020 12:30 AM
Im pretty sure it would stay there for that but seems like a pretty neat piece, i was thinking about twice that but ur probly right and i will just have to walk............. Thanx
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