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GB t8, Bowser 241, wayne 32?

Posted By: overandout

GB t8, Bowser 241, wayne 32? - Tue Oct 11 2016 06:29 AM

I need help finding out what these may be going for. I see the clamshells asking prices pretty high but they dont ever seem to be sold that high. I have them guessed at around 800.00 or so. I believe that previsible is a wayne 32. Please let me know if thats correct and if 600.00 is about right for that. Thanks for the help

Description: G&B t-8
Attached picture ec754501-f307-4cc9-a1e1-e48f96709bc4_l.JPG

Description: wayne 32 previsible?
Attached picture vintage-1910-1914-wayne-gas-pump-curbside-model-f-32-or-22-commercial-antique-4e473fe2861d557dedab205ec6cee0f8.jpg

Description: 241
Attached picture redsent.jpg
Posted By: 1958DELRAY4DOOR

Re: GB t8, Bowser 241, wayne 32? - Thu Mar 07 2019 01:13 AM

I am the owner of the Wayne shown above. I have seen it identified as a Wayne 22 or 32. I do not know much more than that. It does have the data plate on it.

I do not know how the picture ended up on this site. Not that I mind. I believe it to be a very rare pump.
Posted By: hornsrus

Re: GB t8, Bowser 241, wayne 32? - Thu Mar 07 2019 03:39 PM

the vizie gage on the t-8 is worth more than the pump.charley
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