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Posted By: CaptainObvious Standard Oil Crowns how to tell a reproduction - Sun May 04 2014 10:09 PM
Hello there, I friend of mine has a couple red and gold Standard Oil crown globes given to him by his grandfather who has since passed away. The red one has Standard Oil Company molded in the glass and the gold one does not. His grandfather used to own a gas station so we think they may be real and not reproductions. Are there any tell tale signs to figuring out if these are real or reproductions?
Except for Early Raised Letter [RED CROWN ETHYL,RED CROWN & SOLITE], the bases are 6" Threaded for the 7" adapter ring [Brass, Alum or Steel].
Early raised letter ones have a molded 7" base.

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Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Standard Oil Crowns how to tell a reproduction - Sun May 04 2014 10:18 PM
The one with the wording is OK, but the easiest way to tell is if the glass base is threaded for the metal collar that attaches to it to fit in the globe holder, or if they currently have the collars they are originals. There are exceptions, but this is the most basic tell tale sign of an original.
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Thanks so much. they are threaded. Neither of them have any chips or cracks. The paint on the red one is vivid and the gold one is faded.
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