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Posted By: mapper Sun Oils date range - Mon Jul 26 2021 05:52 PM
Does anyone know how late Sunoco used this logo?

I recently bought some undated Sunoco paperwork using this logo, and advertising "Sunoco, The Distilled Oil". Just trying to figure out a rough date. I assume the mid-20's, but wonder if anyone has anything more definitive.

This sign isn't mine...I did a google search to find an example.

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Posted By: advertologist Re: Sun Oils date range - Mon Jul 26 2021 08:25 PM
possibly what your looking for: .. ... cool

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Posted By: mapper Re: Sun Oils date range - Mon Jul 26 2021 08:34 PM
It is, thanks! I wouldn't have guessed the logo wasn't around after 1922. I see that the date coincides with the year they became the "Sun Oil Company". No coincidence i'm sure.
Posted By: Steven C. Re: Sun Oils date range - Tue Jul 27 2021 10:35 AM
I've seen what Randy posted before. And although somewhat accurate, I question it's level of detail.
For example, this first picture is a little book I have dated 1929 and it carry's the "Sun Oils" diamond on it.
The second picture, 1926 is oldest I can find of the main sign saying "Sunoco". Note, no arrows yet. One thing I've often wondered, before the "Sunoco" main signs came out, what did they use as a main sign? Although first station I think was 1922, so I guess there really wasn't a reason for a main sign before that. Speaking of that, where did one go to buy say, Sunoco motor oil prior to there being stations?
The third picture, doing quick search through things, is oldest thing I can find with arrows.
As for the phrase "The Distilled Oil", I can't find anything beyond this 1929 advertisement using that phrase. Picture four. I know it wasn't too long after that, that the phrase "Mercury Made" comes into play.
Sorry, went a little beyond your question. Once I get digging into things hard not post a little more.
I'm disappointed I couldn't find more detail on your question. I thought I had more dated material that would zero in on it more.
BTW, would love to see pics of documents you purchased!!!

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Posted By: mapper Re: Sun Oils date range - Wed Jul 28 2021 01:18 PM
Thanks for the info Steve, great stuff! After Randy replied, I recalled that I have two Sunoco lubrication booklets. I date them based on the last year listed for the automobiles and the required oil. Based on that, they're from 1920 and 1923. Both of the booklets mention the oil being distilled, but neither reference it as a point of marketing (as in "the distilled oil". The company names do change though. The 1920 booklet lists Sun Company of Philadelphia. The 1923 booklet lists Sun Oil Company of Philadelphia.

As the focus is on oil, the booklets don't mention anything about gasoline, or show any of the station logos. I can't help you there.

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Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Sun Oils date range - Fri Aug 13 2021 04:11 PM
I have something I can share for this thread. Last fall, I made a rare discovery in a local downtown building. From 1908 until it closed in 1978, Katzenmeyer's Hardware in Hillsdale was a local institution. Everyone around knew Karl, a colorful character with a cigar always clenched between his teeth! At any rate, a friend of mine is a realtor and had the listing for the building Katzenmeyer's previously occupied. When taking the listing photos he found a sign for the sporting goods department. Since I'm on the local historical society board he asked if we'd be interested in it, which of course we were. I met him at the building one Sunday to grab the sign. He asked me if I wanted to look around, so we went to all 3 levels. Up in the second floor there is a loft, and I couldn't help but notice many boxes remaining there. I monkeyed my way up the vertical peg ladder and opened a couple of the boxes, which contained old papers. Long story short, the boxes contained correspondence and paperwork spanning over 70 years. Much of the early paperwork was stored in Peters Cartridge (ammo) boxes, which the wooden tops were sealed with screws. I was the first person to open many of these wood boxes in 100 years! It was nuts! I brought home several van loads of this paperwork, a literal treasure trove of local history, and a look into the life and dealings of the hardware store.

SO to get to the point, in the 1920 correspondence box I found some early gas and oil related papers. One was a letter from Sun Company Detroit branch, dated December 27th, 1920. I think the watermark is neat! Also included with it was a brochure on Sunoco Spirits. When I opened this little booklet, the spine made a little noise, being I was the first to look at it in 100 years which was a pretty cool thought. This might help Steve with some specifics of the company's timeline.

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Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Sun Oils date range - Fri Aug 13 2021 04:12 PM
These are pics of the pamphlet....

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Posted By: Gasman84470 Re: Sun Oils date range - Fri Aug 13 2021 04:53 PM
Amazingly it is great shape. Ephemera is undervalued in my opinion.
Posted By: mapper Re: Sun Oils date range - Mon Aug 16 2021 02:12 PM
That's fantastic! I, like you, would have been so excited to go through all of this. I love paperwork! I wish others did too. Yes, it doesn't display well, but the information is so fun to go through.

When people ask about the history of a company, this is the source of the answer. It takes digging to get that information.
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