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Posted By: Donald D. Brock The Service Station-1957 - Mon Nov 18 2019 05:42 AM
Not sure who the target audience was for this short film as the information is rather simplistic and the cinematic quality somewhat low.
It is still fun and interesting to see all of the cars, stations and advertising as they once were.

Posted By: Speedracer Re: The Service Station-1957 - Mon Nov 18 2019 06:08 AM
Very cool. I think I learned a few things too. It looks like the Flying A sign on the back of the truck at the 3:51 mark is a 5 footer. I thought I remember seeing flat 5' Flying A signs for sale on line before, but I wasn't sure if they really existed. There are real 5 footers, correct? Just curious if any else agrees on the approximate size compared to the guy, the tires, etc. Just thinking, maybe this is why we don't see them often, because they were used for trucks and not at all the stations. Thoughts?

Posted By: Jack Sim Re: The Service Station-1957 - Mon Nov 18 2019 09:53 AM
Obliviously this was filmed on the west coast, probably in California. Not being critical, just for informational purposes, when they were putting gasoline in cars back around the turn of the country, the gasoline was very dirty. It was necessary to have chammy in the funnel to pour the gasoline through. They even sold a special funnel that had a chammy attached to the funnel.

One other thing, my next article that will be in the December issue of "Check the Oil" will be about the Coxwell air dispensers and other things they sold for use on the island. I spotted two items made by Coxwell, one was the in ground source of air and water, and in another seen they showed a box on a post. This box was a cash drawer for making change on the island, this was also made my Coxwell.

Jack Sim
Posted By: AndyVH1959 Re: The Service Station-1957 - Fri Nov 22 2019 01:17 AM
Curious, what model Tokheim pumps were those showing the more domed shaped versus the typical 39 series.
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