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Identifying gas pump

Posted By: Tracy

Identifying gas pump - Mon Jul 15 2019 10:31 PM

Hi, I am just beginning my venture of restoring my old gas pump that belonged to my father-in-law. The first thing I would like to do is to identify and date the pump, if possible. It has written on it Gilbarco manufactured by Gilbert and Barker Mfg. Co. Serial No 86A23 799264 . I have attached a photo and I would appreciate any comments or information on it. Thanks,

Attached picture Gilbarco gas pump.jpg
Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Identifying gas pump - Thu Jul 18 2019 04:39 AM

It is a G&B 86, This pump was introduced in 1936, G&B called it their "Calco-Meter."

It is shown on page 206 of my Gas Pump Bible book. www.gaspumpbible.com

There is also a number of pictures of this pump shown on my website: http://petrolianacollectibles.com/gilbarco%20pumps.htm

Click on the pictures for larger views.

I hope you have the top as it is missing in the picture.

Jack Sim
Posted By: Stevo

Re: Identifying gas pump - Thu Jul 18 2019 06:40 PM

Like many 86's , it appears to be missing its top or possibly due to height restrictions in the shed your father in law set it aside- keep an eye out for it. I Restored a 86 last year, Ron Scobie has many parts for these, check out his site. http://www.gaspump.com
Posted By: Tracy

Re: Identifying gas pump - Thu Jul 18 2019 08:47 PM

Thank you for responding. I didn't think it had a globe on top. My husband said he doesn't remember one on it. I looked on the top of it and there are no holes or anything.
Posted By: Oldgas

Re: Identifying gas pump - Thu Jul 18 2019 09:29 PM

The other replies mentioning the missing top are not talking about a globe. The 86's top holds rectangular ad glass panels and is around 6" tall. It may or may not have a globe attachment on top of it.

See the Esso and Gilmore branded G&B 86 pumps shown on our companion photo gallery site GasPumps.info:
Posted By: Speedracer

Re: Identifying gas pump - Fri Jul 19 2019 01:28 AM

Here is one I own. This is what the top looked like on mine, however mine is missing the 1/2 dome, like you see in the second picture. And like Jim (Oldgas) mentioned, some also had globes instead of the half dome.

Attached picture 20E366F7-83C5-46B2-99FC-573B213B5AC6.jpeg
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Posted By: Crain

Re: Identifying gas pump - Fri Jul 19 2019 09:31 PM

Hi Jack sim, I am new to this site and really to this hobby I do have an Erie tall boy fig 77 or so the data plate says from Tulsa OK and I was curious if you had info I could find/read about my pump and how I obtain it? Thanks in advance!
Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Identifying gas pump - Sat Jul 20 2019 01:33 AM

Go to this page of my website: http://petrolianacollectibles.com/gas%20pump%20literature.htm

Click on Erie

Than click on 77.

Click on any picture for a larger view.

Nothing I have give me a clue why it is stamped Tulsa, OK. Perhaps if you post a picture of the ID tag it might help. I have no information that Erie has an assembly plant in Tulsa.

Jack Sim
Posted By: Crain

Re: Identifying gas pump - Sat Jul 20 2019 04:10 PM

Yeah it has it on the ID Tag as well on a catalog I have for the Erie 77. I believe it's like 7 pages, I'll post some pictures and you can let me know what ya think. I'm from Tulsa OK, that's why I am interested to know if this was built in my town at some point!

Attached picture 20190719_132119.jpg
Attached picture 20190720_110140.jpg
Attached picture 20190720_110042.jpg
Attached picture 20190720_110056.jpg
Posted By: Crain

Re: Identifying gas pump - Sat Jul 20 2019 04:15 PM

I didn't take a pic of all the pages of the catalog as you can see mainly just the back showing a western plant Tulsa Oklahoma, the cover and the first two pages showing where its talking about the Erie 77. Interested in your thoughts!
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