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Clark Sign Reproductions?

Posted By: Clarks_garage

Clark Sign Reproductions? - Fri Mar 15 2019 05:54 PM

Hello All,
I have a question on some items i have seen on Ebay lately. A Clark sign that It Calls out "Vintage" which doesn't mean Original but I bought it because the of my last name is Clark and I figures I would give it a try. I used to do car shows with my inlaws years ago selling repop signs and restored gas pumps at car shows and I hadn't come across a repop Clark sign but that was 15 years ago. Are they repopping these now?

Thank you for your help.
Posted By: DWSheffer

Re: Clark Sign Reproductions? - Fri Mar 15 2019 06:58 PM

"Vintage" is the overused Ebay header hooker to try and get more people to look at listings and to convey some suggestion of age which is frequently false. I am not a Clark collector, but know enough to generalize that most of the 12" rounds are reproduction or fantasy signs. All one needs to do in the case of your first link is look at the sellers other items, which are all junk $20 repro/fantasy signs with a little rust and a couple chips added to try and fool buyers. I can't get the second link to go anywhere myself. But yes, they are being made now.....
Posted By: Mike M.

Re: Clark Sign Reproductions? - Fri Mar 15 2019 08:42 PM

Clark never used A round Pump plate that I know of. These are the 2 styles I have in my collection that I know of that They used on their pumps other than decals.

And in your case they probably don't do any good because neither one says Clark on it...LOL

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Posted By: Clarks_garage

Re: Clark Sign Reproductions? - Tue Mar 19 2019 05:49 PM

Hello All,
Thank you for your info I had never seen a round Clark pump plate and I have the ethel one on my wall so I wanted to see one of these in person. I figured that this was a repop sign that someone "distressed" to look old. I received mine in the mail yesterday and I was totally correct you can tell the holes we drilled and stressed to make the porcelain pop and then they coated with acid to get the sign to rust. This is one of the things I use to see when going to flea markets or even auctions and most people don't understand that those are repops and not worth the hundreds they see on American Pickers. I will share pictures later today.
Thanks Nate
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