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Posted By: Dave Richey Triple X gasoline. Any documentation? Ad glass pic - Wed Apr 12 2017 10:46 PM
One member says Lion Oil, another a subsidiary of Billups. Anybody have any pictorial evidence? I have learned never to say never, so...

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Any of those for an A1? If so im interested if you want to part w them...thanks!
One thing. Where were they found? Were there any billups or lion stations in that area/region?? Just a thought.
appears some are in better condition than others .. ... cool
Looks like 6 pumps waiting to be restored, I'm not interested in restoring anything at the present time, but I would like to know a little about the history of these ad glasses.

Jack Sim
Nice ad glasses. After paying for a divorce...I thought, I would never say that about a bunch of X's.
Several months ago a friend told me he saw, in the collection pf an Avid Lion collector, a picture of a brochure explaining that the X's represented a grade of gasoline sold by Lion Oil in selected markets. A box of XX ad glasses also showed up at Dixie this year with no information.

2 days ago a guy I know shot me this pic of this find. He contacted Scott B, who told him they were from a Billups subsidiary. Now, I'm aware of the depth of Scott's knowledge, but I'm looking for some evidence before I say what they are. The Lion collector is evidently not into sharing and showing, so that's that.

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