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Posted By: fatty Single Stage Paint? - Sat Apr 01 2017 06:06 PM
I know some of you guys are probably big base clear fans but I am tired of fighting modern high solids cleacoats. For those of you spraying single stage urethane on your pump skins, could you reccomend me some brands that have worked well for you? I need something that colorsands and buffs good. Pumps will be in the house and never be out in the elements.
Posted By: tulareone Re: Single Stage Paint? - Sat Apr 01 2017 06:55 PM
I normally don't buff my pumps -- ppg lay good and flows out good
Posted By: gatorgaspumps Re: Single Stage Paint? - Sat Apr 01 2017 07:58 PM
PPG DCC, easy to touch up chips after you put your pump together. Richard
Posted By: fatty Re: Single Stage Paint? - Sun Apr 02 2017 12:49 PM
Thanks guys, I will give that a try.
Posted By: Paul Bell Re: Single Stage Paint? - Mon Apr 03 2017 04:11 AM
I think you will find any of the single stage urethanes that have decent solids contents in them will work fine. I've used ppg, shermans-Williams, valspar, all good. It's there cheap brands that I have occasional issue with, not covering well.

Clearcoat is a little over rated. My friend who is a classic car restorer convinced me to paint my mustang black single stage rather than clear-base. It came out amazing with great depth.

(I colorsand and buff as well. I would use base-clear for multiple colors and metallics)
Posted By: mcguffeyd1 Re: Single Stage Paint? - Mon Apr 03 2017 08:39 AM
I use PPG MTK. Works well
Posted By: nochevys Re: Single Stage Paint? - Mon Apr 03 2017 07:25 PM
Single stage is all I use. I have never used a base/clear system. I generally use acrylic enamel.

I tried using acrylic urethane on the last pump I painted. I did not like the way the urethane flowed out. seemed very orange peely to me. That could be just me though since I have never used it before.

I used acrylic enamel on the 1st pump pictured and urethane on the 2nd...

Attached picture photo 1.JPG
Attached picture blender.jpg
Posted By: fatty Re: Single Stage Paint? - Mon Apr 03 2017 09:44 PM
Acrylic enamel, youre the second guy in 3 days who has mentioned that. I dont know anything about it but I am going to research that.
Posted By: Jack Sim Re: Single Stage Paint? - Mon Apr 03 2017 10:53 PM
Acrylic enamel is the paint that was used for years on cars before they came up with base coat/clear coat. The second one bc/cc requires a lot of sanding and polishing where acrylic enamel just goes on and looks great after it dries.
Over the years there has been developed a way where the A/E is sanded and polished, but I have not tried it.

All you need to shoot A/E is primer & lacquer thinner for the primer coat. Then A/E in the color you want, mixed with enamel reducer and be sure to purchase a can of hardner.

I buy all these items from the DuPont Auto Paint store.

Jack Sim
Posted By: garyh Re: Single Stage Paint? - Wed Apr 05 2017 05:28 AM
I like DuPont Centari Acrlic Enamel, although I hear it is or has been fazed out. I wonder if the lesser Nason line still exists.
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