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buzzy56, Speedracer
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Selloil cabinet #782945 10/31/2022 12:05 AM
by buzzy56
Have a question . I removed the doors and was Examining a sel-oil cabinet i purchased . After removing the doors on one side there are two hooks (brackets) with the hooks facing downward . Circled in yellow in image attached What were they used for ? Debating to Rusteration the cabinet or restore it in Texaco brand . Kinda like the original patina and thought about keeping the finish & add a Sunoco blue 12” decal and age it on both outside doors . Thanks for any insight as i can’t find any images showing the inside of the cabinet in that lower area .
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Re: Selloil cabinet #782947 Oct 31st a 12:13 AM
by Cold Pizza
Cold Pizza
Pretty sure those 2 hook into the protective outer doors on both sides,and lock anyone out from trying to steal Oil after they all go home for the night.You need a key to lock them down though,and that's what the T Handle operates in the bottom portion..should be a key way in the center of it.
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Re: Selloil cabinet #784762 Dec 6th a 12:32 AM
by Speedracer
Hey Robert, Just for fun I googled Zwier's Texaco and found a few newspaper ads from back in the day. Their grand Opening was October 25, 1962, located at 520 Chicago Drive in Holland, MI. The building or some remnants still exist. I was trying to find an old picture of the station. I've always wanted to try to find a picture of an exact piece in my collection when it was in use back in the day.

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Re: Selloil cabinet #784763 Dec 6th a 01:20 AM
by buzzy56
Thank you for the research hadn’t really gotten that far just started messing with it this afternoon . You would have thought he would have purchased a new cabinet for his grand opening or painted this one Texaco themed . Interesting history as I purchased it from an elderly man in holland that had his boy handle it and my son that lives down that way pick it up for me . I should ask him if his dad owned that station back then . If I can find his messages I am going to check it out . Thanks again
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Re: Selloil cabinet #784857 Dec 8th a 03:58 PM
by Rabbitman
I just saw this thread and thought I’d chime in on the first question you posted about the two hook brackets on the lower part of one side. I have one of these I restored several years ago and I think that if you lift up and pull out on those brackets that short lower section of the rack will come out. I guess that was to allows access to the inside for cleaning or maybe more storage. They don’t hook to the outer doors. My cabinet is now on loan to the local museum so I can’t get to it right away to check but I’m pretty sure that’s how it worked. The outer doors are held on by a couple of dogs on the door edges that slide in slots in the cabinet and then the side lock twists to hold it on. Cool cabinets. Good luck uncovering the Havoline sign…GB
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Re: Selloil cabinet #784859 Dec 8th a 04:09 PM
by J, Micieli
J, Micieli
This is my cabinet.
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