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#782340 10/16/2022 9:51 PM
by gasmansgp
In the course of recent events, I have taken the action to delete my information and close my Paypal account. I will no longer be taking credit cards through that service. I will deal in checks, cash and money orders. Thank you, Big Brother. Regards, Paul www.severngaspumps.com
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#782396 Oct 18th a 01:48 AM
by Ohio Oil
Ohio Oil
Zelle is attached to your bank account...if the $600 threshold is exceeded it's attached to all your other banking transactions...which is subject to scrutiny if desired by the irs.
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#782391 Oct 17th a 11:37 PM
Some of you guys make 5-6 figures a year selling on here, facebook, swaps, shows, etc... not reporting anything... and now complain about having to pay. Most retail businesses find it hard to cheat on taxes. If they do cheat, seems they usually aren't smart enough to hide it and get caught. Pickers, or whatever you call them nowadays, are a business.
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#782388 Oct 17th a 10:18 PM
by gasmansgp
Originally Posted by Ohio Oil
I think bank accounts are subject to the same scrutiny as third party platforms like PayPal.
True, but banks don't threaten to take $2500 of your money for whatever [they] deem as mis-information. It's about that, not the tax man. Paul www.severngaspumps.com
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#782407 Oct 18th a 01:54 PM
by Jarvis
Guys that buy and sell strictly for living should be paying taxes. How much... well that's up to them. What makes me mad is i been collecting 23 years this year now... i am a collector! I buy at auctions, gas shows, ebay and from other collectors! What makes me mad is ebay taxes me on a gas globe that was on a old gas pump! I didn't buy a new TV or radio! I do this for fun and hopefully if i sell it some day make a buck or 2... when that day comes and they decide to tax me they are going to have to prove i didn't pay sales tax for all my items and prove what i paid. This is not a business for me... i am not keeping "records" of taxes and expenses associated with this stuff.

Market place on facebook is fishing... if you pull a ad its asks "if you sold it". Then it sends people that replied to your ad asking if "they bought it". They are trying to track what your selling and where. I only use paypal and refuse to use another platform for payment. When i sell something to other collectors i am fine with check or money order.

I am about done with facebook! Unfortunately there is so much gas stuff on facebook it hard to not look at it. Car stuff, gas and oil, boats, friends right now out weighs the ***** i have to deal with and look at. That margin is getting closer!

Oldgas is the original social media page for "true collectors". I say true collectors as guys that flip have went to facebook. The hobby has gotten a lot of greed in it today that used to not be in it. Everyone is about getting every dollar out of an item. I have sold items to other collectors as they collected what i had... been lucky enough when they found another piece they called me and sold my item back. Friends... that is what this hobby should be!

I will add 1 last thing... support those gas swap meets! Collector and friends you make are what makes this hobby a true hobby! 50% of the fun of a show is finding stuff and other is meeting people with the same passion as you! Plus... don't have to pay sales tax at gas show or worry about what government thinks as we deal in cash!
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