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#771121 11/24/2021 12:51 AM
by Esso74
So my son worked all summer 40 hours a week plus shook cherries and umpires little league baseball games to save his money to buy signs . So recently he purchased a sign that had to be shipped . A beautiful filmoil vertical 6 ft. (1940s) he was all excited couldn’t wait for it to show up . It was very clean one area with damage and strait as an arrow. As you will see from pics I’ll post . It’s not strait anymore and has a lot more damage over 12 bends / multiple paint locations damaged . Since Friday I’ve had multiple phone calls and emails with UPS tell ya what it’s not any fun can’t get any strait answers from them. Will they pay will they not I did exactly what there compliant department requests pictures / measurements/ all angels everything . The box it was wrapped In it wasn’t even in when it arrived at my house . After sending pics and talking to the gentleman who I purchased sign from who’s doing everything he can do to help us nowing my 17 year old
Son paid for this big money sign( to us it is ) with his own money .please be careful shipping with UPS! They just throw your stuff around and then want you to jump threw hoops and make it so hard to get any resolution even after you pay the extra money for damaged merchandise . I’m just heart broken for. My son . He loves this hobbie and I’m trying to do what I can to get a resolution for him . But it’s not working out very well ! I’m just telling my story to help others to just watch out and be careful who you use . UPS had lost my trust at this point !
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#771129 Nov 24th a 02:04 AM
by advertologist
Originally Posted by Tankar
I would be more ***** at the guy that prepared it for shipping.

that sign was packed improperly, a sign of that length should of had something ridged

where you could not bend the package - possibly encased in a 2" X 2" frame .. ... cool
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#771332 Nov 27th a 01:21 AM
by KZ1000
Sorry but UPS is getting bashed over a sign that was not packaged to withstand the shipping. This is 100% on the packager.
Rule #1, always package an item so it will handle any abuse, with the exception of being run over or stabbed with forktruck.

Sorry for your son but you guys should be doing nothing on the claim, the seller bought the insurance, he is the one that will get the money if approved. it is up to the Seller to make good on this deal.

I have been shipping since 1989 and have had 0 damaged merchandise
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#771127 Nov 24th a 01:36 AM
by Craig Osbeck
Craig Osbeck
Had Fed ex actually break a wooden crate I made for a sign and the porcelain sign slipped out and was bent. They pushed it back in and said it was ok. Buyer thought I sent him a bad sign that was perfect when it left. Fed ex then said that they would not pay off insurance that I bought because it was an antique. I asked then why did they sell me the insurance when they Knew what was in the crate. Each of these big shippers are cut throat.
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#771245 Nov 25th a 03:42 PM
by Stig
I ship 100's of signs a year..most are 6'x2' or 42" square/circle. UPS is a joke don't use them...30% damage rate
Fed-ex is exact opposite. Easy to file a claim...A representative will usually call you.....I probably have 5% damage rate with 80% payment rate. plus the give a shipping discount.
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#771124 Nov 24th a 01:08 AM
by Tankar
Hate to see that. I would be more ***** at the guy that prepared it for shipping.
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#771133 Nov 24th a 03:01 AM
by coltex
In this hobby, I learned 30 years ago to buy my own (antique collectible insurance). There are several companies that provide collectible insurance and it's not that expensive. If you sign up as a "Dealer" it covers any shipping or hauling. They would pay the claim, no problem. There are certain requirements, but if you follow the guidelines, the collectible insurance is the way to go. So sorry for your son's loss. We have all been through it and it does SUCK!!!
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