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by Oldgas
Twenty five years ago in February 1996, I started this Web site as a page of links to the few petroliana interest sites on the Internet at the time. Soon, a guestbook was started, enabling users to post messages. Since it was hosted on my Internet provider's "home page" server, there were not a lot of features that I could offer back then. In December 1997, the domain name Oldgas.com was registered and Primarily Petroliana was moved to its own server. A discussion forum software script was installed. It took off right away with lots of posts of questions and things for sale. In a while we realized that its popularity was overwhelming that simple forum software. In the year 2000, we took the leap to an early version of the software we have now. There have been a few problems along the way, but I'm proud to have been able to deflect spammers, trackers and hackers from taking advantage as well as minimizing vulgar language and political conflicts. It's great to hear of friendships made and long-sought collector items found. And I'm grateful that enough advertising and other funding has been able to pay the bills every month.

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has a bunch of copies of what Oldgas.com has looked like over the years. Here is a link to a partly working remote copy of our site on December 12, 1998:

A heartfelt thanks to those of you who have been along for the ride for a long time. You've made a dream idea come true. And welcome to those who more recently joined. This site is not about me, it is your online community.
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by smokey1
This site is the closest thing to social media I'll ever subscribe to. Likeminded folks sharing a cool hobby.
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by keithia
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary Jim with Oldgas. I started collecting in 2000 and joined this site in 2001. I pretty much check in here everyday yet. I miss the DB days.
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by Oldgas
Thanks for all the kind words. It's been a great ride and I hope we can keep it going long into the future by working together.
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by Fill up
Fill up
Congratulations on the anniversary and thank you for a site that I have used to get lots of tips and sources as well as meet other members. I enjoy it!
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by KZ1000
Thanks Jim for a " Clean " site we can call home, and Happy Anniversary
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by pumpdoc
Thank you Jim for starting this great site.. It has enabled me to meet great new friends . Again "Thank you OldGas"
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by MetroPetro
Wow time does fly. Thank you Jim for starting this site, it could never be imitated or bested. Originally told of it by 5quart, I was a "lurker" before joining. And very glad I did, as it is true that friendships have been made here. And I think of those from here we have lost too from the oldgas "family" over the years. Lots of memories.
Thanks Jim and congratulations!!
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by Done4
Congrats Jim to an incredible feat creating and maintaining this wonderful safe haven for us. I too was a lurker for sometime and because I enjoyed being here so much joined some years later, one of the few good decisions I’ve done. Thank you Jim.
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by Gas Pump Rob
Gas Pump Rob
Congratulations Jim! This site inspired me to collect what I like to collect most, (Pumps) !! I started collecting in 1994 and joined this site in 1999 ! The sites says 2002 for me joining but that’s after a reset . What a great adventure this has been. I made many new friends here including Dick Bennett who lived only a few miles from my home! I have learned so
much from the forums over the years! I remember meeting you at Iowa Gas in 2001. Good times and memories!

Thanks for everything,
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by advertologist
Jim, you've created a site thats useful in a lot of ways

like a home away from home with no drama, a good

learning opportunity were all members help each other -

many thanks & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY -

you've made oldgas land what it is .. ... cool
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This is a great site. I first came across oldgas in 2000 and lurked for awhile. I started collecting in 1995 a would have been nice if I found oldgas in the beginning.
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by Gasman84470
Its been a great experience for me. I've meet or communicated with collectors all across the continent and even some in Europe. My education would have been much slower and more expensive without the likes of DB and many other willing OGers. People come and go but the community maintains its strengths including the ability to trust a fellow old gasser.
Jim thanks for providing a forum where we can share ideas, items and collecting philosophy (but not religion and politics)! Happy 25th🎂 and more to come.
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by Steven C.
Steven C.
Congratulations seems such an understatement. This site is priceless to the Oil and Gas community!! I've met many a friend through it and the information and knowledge base again, is priceless!!! I thank you all!!!
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by gasmelincelr
Congrats Jim ! Thank you for all of your efforts hosting the site.
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by Ohio Oil
Ohio Oil
Congrats on the quarter century mark. This site has helped me tremendously over the years. I don't post as much, but I check in every couple of days. Thanks for all you've done for the hobby Jim!
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by DWSheffer
Congratulations Jim on the 25th anniversary of this wonderful site. I know I would be lost if I wasn't able to check in multiple times a day, lol. It's my routine throughout the day at work to check in and see what's going on when I have a break. As with many others, I've had many true friendships materialize through this site....guys I've never met and may never meet, but we talk or text regularly. I guess I'm "old fashioned" in the fact that I'm younger and not on Facebook but that's fine, Old Gas has always offered all I need when it comes to gaining knowledge and getting help when I've needed it, and I truly appreciate all those that have taken the time to reply. Things have changed over the years, yes...but nothing stays the same forever. I've been saddened when members have passed away, people that I had never met in person, but still considered friends. Here's to another 25 years Jim!
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by Hardy's Garage
Hardy's Garage
Congratulations on celebrating 25 years of the Old Gas web site. It is the first web site I joined and has given me many hours of pleasurer connecting with so many great people with the same interests as I have. There is no doubt that I would not have the collection that I have nor the many friendships that go with the hobby without Old Gas. Looking forward to the next 25 years.
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by Bill jr
Bill jr
Congatulaions JIm For all you do for us A great site
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by gatorgaspumps
Congratulations Jim, thanks for all the years. A lot of information has passed through this site that would not have been possible if it weren't for you. Richard
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by SandPCollector
Jim, Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! I want to echo all the previous responses. Thanks very much for all you do to make this site so useful and enjoyable for the members.
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by Mike M.
Mike M.
CONGRATULATIONS JIM!! As with all the other comments left, I just want to thank you for this great idea that has done so much for our hobby and our addictions!!
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by Wasatch Man
Wasatch Man
Ad me to the list . Thanks Jim for all you do. Peter
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by pasngas
Thanks so much Jim for this site. It has been a large help in my hobby finding, fixing, selling, buying petro items. I have met some great people, even people i haven't met in person, have been a great help. This is a unique community very enjoyable here's hoping it stay's that way another 25 Laroy.
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by Tankar
Thanks Jim. This truly is a great site.
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by Speedracer
Jim, Congratulations on 25 years of OldGas. I too have made numerous friends from this website. You have created a great place where people can gain good, solid advice. Everyone here really knows their stuff. Here on OldGas you get an answer from knowledgeable people with years of experience. Not to mention all the fun posts and the great stuff we are able to buy and sell (with confidence) from other members.

Your site is also extremely user friendly, and well organized. This is the premier go-to spot for petroliana.

Congrats and be very proud.
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by Craig Osbeck
Craig Osbeck
Good job, thanks
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by 1PetroFan
Thanks Jim, I enjoyed this site when I was a lurker, and even more as a member. Met a lot of great people, and had great dealings with many fine people here. I have learned so much here. Congrats! Brady
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by 57-Chevy
Thanks Jim for making your dream a reality! I’ve enjoyed this site literally for decades! Made a lot of friends, learned a great deal, and spent a lot of money😜.
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by buzzy56
Want to say congratulations for all your efforts to keep this site one of the best i have found relating in the hobby . Good people good information and always someone willing to share information. It Sure has helped me in my quest and so many others .
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by oldpumpjack
I am relatively new here. Stumbled on this site by accident. Boy ;I am glad that I did. Thanks so much for providing us this great site. Am getting on up in years so I am not much of a buyer but I enjoy reading the post and learning new things. Thanks again.
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by Skydog
Another new guy who has liked gas and oil stuff for a long time.
Very glad this site is here for the hobbyists!
Thank you Jim for all you do.

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Great site jim. Found my original post dating back to December 18, 1998. It's all time-stamped to the minute I signed your guest book . (all advertising signs, petro, sodapop, and country store items.
joe reis <joseph.k.reis@solutia.com>
columbia, il USA - Friday, December 18, 1998, 11:03 a.m.)
Thanks for all your work for best site on the web.
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by Route66Ron
Jim , I echo all the sentiments that have been written . This is an incredible tool for our hobby . Thank you so much for your vision and hard work. Congratulations . Ron New, Melle, Mo.
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by Stephenwarren30
Agee with all three pages above! Thanks Jim!
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by publicenemy1925
Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Hope for may more days ahead!
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by Toys4Fun
Happy Anniversary! Thank you Jim for this great site. Visit here frequently and have learned a lot over the years from great members.
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by Tbirdgas
Congrats on 25 years a job well done!!
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by tbuckles
Way to go Jim! For what Jack Sim did for the hobby with his books YOU are the one that connected the world in this hobby and made it what it is today...congratulations!
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by Gpmp
Congrats Jim,
I am relatively new to the site but I enjoy it everyday. I appreciate being welcomed so warmly.
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by AlbertaNorthStar
Congratulations on 25years! Here’s to another 25!
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by bsplichal95
Great place to be for knowledge and information!! Thanks Jim!!
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by GM Muscle
GM Muscle
Congratulations on 25 years. And many many more.
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by Ryan Underthun
Ryan Underthun
Congratulations! I cant believe I been here for nearly 20 years. I remember finding oldgas and being surprised that there were more people out there into this stuff. Its been a great ride, lets hope for another 25!
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by tjhvintage
Congratulations Jim on 25 years. You are a true pioneer for creating this site and helping to grow the hobby. I can't believe it will be twenty years this month since I joined. It was Dick Bennett who told me "you need to get on this web site" after he had re-lidded some cans for me. I was using a dial up connection and my first computer. There were less than 200 members at that time, a lot of them are gone but not forgotten. Thanks for all your hard work!
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by BryceG
thank you for the site Jim and all the members for the contributions... i owe a lot of my knowledge to this site and am very appreciative of what it has done for me in the time ive been collecting
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by redmike
Congratulations Jim, and thank you for all the work it must take to run a website. Here's to another 20 yrs!
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by fuelboy
I'd be way behind in my restorations if it weren't for this site and the members that lend a helpful hand in their knowledge. It has also caused me to spend more money. Congratulations and big thanks to Mr. Potts and his creation! grin
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