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Tokheim 39 Tall Disassembly Help #757052 11/14/2020 12:34 AM
by wolfmanwooley
This is my first experience with old fuel pumps so please bear with me as I show my total ignorance. I have been given a Tokheim 39 Tall pump. Only hurdle is I have to pick it up. Pump is roughly a 1000 miles from me and I would like to haul it in my pickup. I am concerned about the outer sheet metal being damaged in the move so I would like to remove it before transport. However, I am not sure how to go about this especially since I have not seen the pump in person and am not sure which tools will be needed and moreover how difficult this is going to be. I expect there to be rusted fasteners obviously and any help/ recommendations/ gottcha's and tools I might need would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your time, experience and suggestions.
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Re: Tokheim 39 Tall Disassembly Help #757058 Nov 14th a 04:16 AM
by Speedracer
Put your tailgate down. Then stand the pump in the upright position about two feet from your tailgate. Tip the pump and lean it against the tailgate, so it’s at about a 45° angle or so. Then lift it up at the base and slide it in (may take two people if it’s not gutted).

Tips: You can bring some dowel rods and use them as rollers if you want to push it in easier. You can also put a folded blanket on the corner of your tailgate when you lean it over and lift it in. It’s a little less stress on the door/sheet metal. Bring a dolly with you. And final tip... if the ground is uneven, put your rear tires in a low spot so the tailgate is lower to the ground.

Push it to the front and then strap it from the base to your front anchors with good straps.

I actually use a wood frame with a notch with rollers, since I move a lot of pumps. Tom Buckles shows the design in use here......

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Re: Tokheim 39 Tall Disassembly Help #757101 Nov 15th a 11:26 AM
by J, Micieli
J, Micieli
I agree with Keithia.This is how I pick up pumps, I'll strap the pump to plywood. I use half the sheet only 2ft X length of bed.
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Re: Tokheim 39 Tall Disassembly Help #757098 Nov 15th a 06:19 AM
by Speedracer
If the pump has a nice finish, bring several large moving blankets ($5 each at Harbor Freight) and wrap the pump with several layers of blankets, then secure the blankets with an industrial roll of Saran Wrap or duct tape. Then use the board method or just slide it in. If you use enough blankets, it won’t hurt it. Trust me, I’ve moved a few.

You can see the pump I restored, wrapped on this trailer with several blankets (a pink blanket on the outside).
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Re: Tokheim 39 Tall Disassembly Help #757092 Nov 15th a 02:18 AM
by keithia
Ok. I do the same process as Speedracer but I use a piece of plywood leaned up against the tailgate then lean the pump up against it. Not too harsh of angle or to short either. Then have two people, one on each side, grab the base and tip it into the truck box and side it in. No harm to the pump as it is resting on the board when tipped in.
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