Hi Everyone. I had this idea for a thread a while back and after yesterday, I thought I should get it started. Will see how it goes. The idea is to show a picture of an item that you found/bought in a place you were least expecting to find an oil/gas item and tell the story behind it. Doesn't have to be a big ticket item...just something that would make someone say, "You found that where???"

So, I will kick this off. As most of you know, I like Texaco. Yesterday I was hauling some branches to the compost pile at the dump and to drop off some old engine oil. When I set the jug of oil down I noticed there were some plastic quarts on the shelf. I saw a round quart amongst them and when I reached down to pick up what I thought would be a newer composite quart....I was surprised to be holding an old Texaco Marine Quart...it was in nice condition. So, I did my own version of recycling. Not sure the dump would be happy about taking something out...but, there it is. So, what's your story?????