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#749275 05/24/2020 11:31 AM
by gasmansgp
Well, I guess I should have expected this? I just got a email from the AACA concerning the Hershey Fall Meet in October. It included a survey of concerns and opinions. The concern is with the virus and personal distancing. It is a question that the organization is struggling with? The survey had only three questions. It seems that with the legal aspect and monetary outlay for such a large event, as Hershey, needs a closer look to determine if it is workable? it appears the show might be a no-go for 2020? I'm sure we'll hear more about this as time gets closer? Paul www.severngaspumps.com
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#749293 May 24th a 05:23 PM
by 57-Chevy
I am totally disgusted. 50 years ago we hunted and killed Commies,
Today, we let them run states and tell us what we can do, where we can go, what we can buy.
My gosh people, what has happened?

It’s Memorial Day, Remember where your Freedom came from....
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#749299 May 24th a 09:41 PM
by BrianH
I think Mike is entitled to his opinion, whether you agree with him or not, just as you are. You don't know him, so you can't say if he's made any effort in the past to do anything about it or not.

Concerning voting for elected officials, I totally agree. I have voted in every Presidential election and most mid-terms since turning 18, 32 years ago. You don't always get who you want. I also spent several years this past decade trying to wake people in my community up to what is going on in the world without much success. Most folks just don't want to be woken up. It's slowly happening though.

I live in Michigan and though the court says that Gov Whitmer did nothing wrong, I think the constitution is pretty clear that her declared State of Emergency orders issued after the first one ARE unconstitutional. Courts don't always get it right and are subject to political pressure whether we like to believe it or not. But that's just my opinion.
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#749296 May 24th a 06:37 PM
by T-way
Your governors are elected officials - so you actually had a say in their holding office.

If you don't like who's in office, get off your a$$ and work to change it.

And no court has found that any govener has broken the law.

So you 'opinions' are just that, your opinion.

Those issues are not what this site is about - so I would suggest you refrain from pushing your opinion on the rest of the members.

Later . . .

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