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by henlovestoys
Hello Fellow Olgassers,

It has been a while since I did post here. I must admit I have been lurking all along since my last post.

Having visited most sites on social media, I find OLDGAS a very unique & special Petroliana site to post & learn from.

I joined this great group back in 2008 & must admit most of my knowledge came from here by reading posts & asking questions on the fly or privately.

I became a good friend with a veteran member that thought me so much. We used to chat weekly basis & he was always willing to hear my specific
questions & answer them if he could.

He is no longer with us. I miss him like crazy!

So, let’s hear from you existing “Veteran” members.
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by 59fairlane
Hello everyone. It's been awhile for me as well. Life gets in the way. I have checked in from time to time. I've made alot of good friends on here over the years. I too miss DB. Had some fun interactions and trades with him back in the day. I used to run one of the posts on here. I think it was "Signs of the Week" That was fun. Still collecting, although interests have shifted. Mostly now I just crack a cold one and sit back and look at the collection. Still pick up my gas pump bible every now and then. nochevys bought all my pumps!!!
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by Done4
Sorry, I misinterpreted the headline obviously.
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by jkyocom
I started rebuilding nozzles when I was 17, I am now 58 and still rebuilding gas pump components. 41 yrs.
I'm still around, still doing computers.
I can't keep up with demand. I don't move as fast as I used too.
I am also trying to get my Bessie back in shape.
One reason I don't post much anymore.
At least you can always come back here to a CIVILIZED place.
There are some real jerks on some of the car pages on FB.

This old truck has had too many gas pumps on it to count and has made
several trips to pickup and deliver large computer orders. I once had 5 pumps standing up on back !!!
In the bed is one of them $25.00 A-38 pumps we used to get back in 1988.
I bought the truck in 87 for hauling dirt bikes. She has not been on the road since my heart attack 8 yrs ago
I hope this is my LAST big resto.
The house was heck !!!!

I sure do miss ol DB. He was a hoot.
He would give me heads up on stuff all the time.
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by Ohio Oil
Ohio Oil
I check in 3x a week or so.

Don't post as much as I used to, but I'm still here.
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by keithia
Still check in here pretty much everyday since 2001. Things are different since DB left us.
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by Coops 427
Coops 427
I look at the site at least 3 times a day. Things have really changed on every forum since Facebook but I still support them. I agree with Keith that things are different without DB and I sure miss his posts. Hopefully we will all get past this current scare the country is going thru and shows and auctions will start to open back up. I'm looking forward to my 24th year of Iowa Gas and hope this does not disrupt that schedule. Everyone stay safe and healthy.
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by BrianH
I'm approaching my 4-year anniversary as a member of Oldgas. Not sure if that makes me a veteran yet or not. I bounce back and forth between here and Facebook. Different formats for different purposes I guess. There is a lot of traffic on Facebook, but as others have said, a lot of folks are on there to make a buck and don't seem to really love the hobby. Plus there is way too much drama and personalities for my taste. However, if you want a chance to buy stuff, there are lots of chances for that.

Here on Oldgas, it's more about the love of the hobby, the desire to help each other out and just virtually share the hobby. I get almost NOTHING in terms of help from Facebook but there is a lot of "attitude" on there. If I need to research something, I come here. If I need help from fellow collectors, I come here. This feels more like a family of collectors than Facebook ever will. I hope this forum never goes away.

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by Done4
I too am a Nam vet and have lost dear friends then and over the years. We talked about our cars more then gas stuff then. After returning home gas and oil was just a natural with the cars and so it began.

Thanks to this site I too have made new friends and learn new things daily. To me this place is calm and funny. Being an old fart I find comfort and not the craziness like on Facebook.

Thanks for being a fellow vet and sharing your interest in this great hobby. Glad you’re back and reconnecting.

Hope other vets respond.
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by Loyd Pierce
Loyd Pierce
Don't know about being a veteran member having joined in 2011 I think
Sad so many have come and gone,some have passed some are lurking I guess
Life changes as does interest,I truely feel some carried this site giving free advice with little or no credit given. And often not so much as a thank you. Some I know felt used not by Jim but by members who for the most

part landed here just to better their billfold without are real desire to collect and preserve this hobby.

Seems like that is the way next genaration expects it. Not many can even begin to have a glue how hard it was before Goggle. You just wasn't taken in to the inner circle you had to earn it.

Lurking huh --wondered the other day where you have been!
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by gasmansgp
I've been a member here since 2003. Seems like yesterday though. I stop by every morning and evening to see what's going on? There are times when I can answer a question or two....some even useful...Using this site has afforded me the opportunity to meet a lot of people in our unique hobby. All have become friends and sources of information. I am thankful to Jim for his expertise and all that he does for the members here. We also must remember, this is a self funding site. I forget that fact, but today will be making a donation to keep the lights on. You might want to think about doing the same? Paul www.severngaspumps.com
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by Craig Osbeck
Craig Osbeck
A lot of people have come and gone as Loyd has said. Tough now to ask a question on here and get the answer . Been around for a while and yes, interests and SPACE have a lot to do with it.
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by Rabbitman
Good to hear from you Hen. I guess I have become a veteran member somehow. Hard to believe how time flys but this site is still my go to place for a friendly chat or to ask the questions we all still come up with, no matter how long you've been doing this. There has been a lot of crossover to Facebook and I still talk to many Oldgassers both places but this forum is by far the most down to earth and friendly. It is always changing as folks come and go all the time. I try to stop by about every day but sometimes I miss a few. Jim does a great job and we all better hope he's content to keep this going for a long time to come. Everybody stay safe and healthy out there and chime in once in a while....GB
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by Hugh
I for one come and go between many different forums. I started with gas and oil collecting just after I retired from the Sheriff's Office as a Deputy. I only have 4 gas pumps and tons of signs and I started going into another direction by buying a 1930 Model A Coupe. I am now seriously considering getting a 1939 Ford 2-door Sedan Deluxe which I love. I will continue to come to this forum from time to time and help where I can. I know you were refering to Veterans of this board, but I too am a 20-year Navy vet. Take care! Hugh Gibson
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by gatorgaspumps
Been collecting pumps for a while now. I usually get on the site twice a day just to see whats going on. Restored 6 pumps this winter, and now up to 122 different pumps in my collection. It's a sickness that I share with a lot of people on this site. Collecting has changed over the years, but there still are a lot of good honest people on this site. I have made a lot of good friends over the years most I have never meet. Richard
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by Loyd Pierce
Loyd Pierce
Originally Posted by Done4
Sorry, I misinterpreted the headline obviously.

Thought you got it wrong Ok you are 2 time veteran no harm no foul.
Thank you for your service.

Donations thru paypal
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by Done4
Hen, I’m sorry I misread the the headline but am glad you’re now active. I too have collected toys, press steel and Marx. We should start a thread on non gas to show and discuss these toys and share your knowledge. I’ll check to see if there is an old post we can add to, what ya say?
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by Ryan Underthun
Ryan Underthun
I am still around every day, I just dont post as much as I would like to mainly because of my new shop. Things will simmer down for me soon and I will be more active.
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by gasmelincelr
Great site Jim ! I’m in it for the long haul. LOL.
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by henlovestoys

I have enjoyed your posts & learned a lot from you since 2008. Love the bench you are working on.
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by DWSheffer
It's hard to believe that I've been a member now for about 13 years. I had "lurked" a little before actually joining, like many often do, a bit worried the 'ol curmudgeon DB would probably have something to say to the "newbie" member, lol! I remember how fun it was at first, being really excited about the new hobby I'd taken up and showing off new finds with the membership. Sharing my first big acquisition, a 6' Red Crown thermometer, the Wayne 866 that a farmer friend gave me, my pair of Sinclair Aircraft signs find. It's nice to know I can still go back in the archives here on Old Gas and relive the memories of these finds, just too bad the photos are mostly gone! Darned Imageshack I used at the time!!

Like most "vets", I don't post as much as I used to, but I'm here on the site many times a day. I'm not on FB or any other social media sites by choice. I still actively collect but the prices of today have tamped down my buying, plus the simple reason I just don't have much room left! wink I still try and help out with any information I can add to threads I'm knowledgeable on. I also used to post frequently in "BOTW", but with the continued strong interest in the hobby and the value these items have attained in the last 10 years, I just don't feel as comfortable as I first did sharing new acquisitions. A sad sign of the times, but a sentiment shared by many on here I'm sure.

I enjoy this site immensely and will continue to remain active and help others along the way as I can!
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by st.rod
Hello all! Been a member here awhile now. Used to be real active. Not much anymore really. Can't remember the year that was my last trip to Iowa gas. Stay safe in these trying times the country is facing..

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by bsplichal95
Good to hear from some of you 'veteran' members!! I havent been on here too terribly long! 8 years I think?? I try to check in weekly, but man work and life keeps me pretty busy!
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by Jack Sim
Jack Sim
When Jim started Old Gas back in 2000, I was one of the first to join. I believe my membership number is 50. Years ago I was told I was the second longest of those who were still contributing.

Jack Sim
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by JimT
Hi all. Nice thread Hen. Long time since Ive posted.Lots of changes but one thing stays constant. I still love old junk! Still involved daily with collecting. Dont sell nearly enough.Officially retired 5/1/2020. Yesterday! Got sucked into Facebook but that whole thing... nevermind. Hope to check back more regularly.
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by RetroPetro
Hi Jim, congrats on retirement!
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by aviojnd
hi I am from north Dakota and joined in 2012 am surprised I didn't see kevin on here I started collecting in the early 70s when a lot of stuff was free really enjoy this site
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