Good afternoon. I have a cousin who travels back and forth from France to Canada for his company. One day he was taking a tour and came across a village called Oudure-Sur-Glane. Some very atrocious (and that isn't even a strong enough word) things occurred to the people of this village. After the war, a new village was built and it was decided to leave the destroyed village as it was as a memorial and a museum. My cousin saw this Texaco item and wondered what it high school French isn't too good anymore, but I think the phrase "Par Le Tat" means "by the state"....any idea what this "oil/gas" item might be? Also, the name "Girtex" was unfamiliar to me. I did recognize it as the Texaco star...LOL. Did a Google search and didn't find anything. If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful for any info.