I'll tell another story. In about 2003 I was in New England junking, but first went to spring Carlisle. I was at the show talking to Chuck Pergl about his old picking days and he told me of a story where he and his brother found a guy who had a 1 pc. molded Texaco Firehat globe. Long story short is that he never bought it because the condition was a little weak and the price was high. I enjoyed the stories, didn't find much and left the show. About a week or two later I was driving up Hwy 23 of Hwy 287 in northern NJ. My wife and I were winding through the little towns and went a stretch with no town. I saw a little sign to turn off Hwy 23 and a town was 1 mile down. So I said what the heck, let's see if there is any town to speak of. I turn and go in to what was really not a town, but as I got there, there was a 50's Texaco station converted it to a auto body shop. Big banjo sign out front. I stop and the guy is under a car working. I almost left before he rolled out because there was nothing inside, gutted. He rolls out from under the car and I say I am collecting old gas signs. He says to me, I have the rarest gas globe known to exist. I said, trying to keep a straight face, "what would that be"? He said " A Texaco Firehat globe". I'll show it to you after I get off work at 5:00. It's at my house about 1 hr away. I go to the car and tell my wife, "this guy says he has an old texaco firehat globe". It's 4:00 now and we really can't make it anywhere else before the businesses close. Might as well go see the $50 repop globe with a firehat on it. We drive to his house, he says, "Let me grab it and I'll be right out" as we stand in the living room. He brings out a 1 pc molded milkglass Firehat globe. I about s**t in my pants. He says, the old man had 2, but would only let me have this one. I end up buying it right there. Coincidentally it was the exact same one Pergl was telling me about 2 weeks earlier because it matched the minor damage he had described. This world is smaller than you think and CRAZY things happen. I don't have a picture.