This neon came out of a small town by Spokane Wa...I used to go to the swap meet there every year and would go a couple days early trying to
fill the truck before the swap meet in case there was nothing to buy there.
Went into an old building that looked to be a dealership at one time. Asked if there might be any old signs for sale. Follow me, down the street
to an old shed, with no windows left, pigeon ***** everywhere, there on the dirt floor was this Ford neon. NOT for sale as he was going to put it
up on the building with his old cars. OK then...I would come back and visit every year before the swap meet. Five years later.
Hell, I'm never going to put it up, Talked with the wife and we will sell it to you. Rest is history. Loaded it in the truck, pigeon ***** and all.
Plugged it in, all original neon, works like a charm, mint condition as he had plexiglass all around it cause the darn kids might throw rocks at it
back in the day when it was up at his dealership.