Sir, your story is great whether the sign is as old as the logo or not. IMO, the graphics look like they were set in a very professional (commercial) sign shop. I see the "Walker" Detroit stamp at the bottom. Although the logo is a little different than the light blue can, it is basically the same logo. I think you might be right that the dealership had this sign custom made for themselves and that particular dealership location. In saying all of that, from the "picture", it being DSP, (I really can't see the holes or grommets), I think the sign is old and original. I will say that the size (45") is very odd size which puzzles me, but if the dealership had it custom made, it could be any size. AND if someone were wanting to reproduce it, they would NOT make it 45". Anyway, enjoy the sign, the man and the story!!! Fun stuff.