I'm approaching my 4-year anniversary as a member of Oldgas. Not sure if that makes me a veteran yet or not. I bounce back and forth between here and Facebook. Different formats for different purposes I guess. There is a lot of traffic on Facebook, but as others have said, a lot of folks are on there to make a buck and don't seem to really love the hobby. Plus there is way too much drama and personalities for my taste. However, if you want a chance to buy stuff, there are lots of chances for that.

Here on Oldgas, it's more about the love of the hobby, the desire to help each other out and just virtually share the hobby. I get almost NOTHING in terms of help from Facebook but there is a lot of "attitude" on there. If I need to research something, I come here. If I need help from fellow collectors, I come here. This feels more like a family of collectors than Facebook ever will. I hope this forum never goes away.