I started rebuilding nozzles when I was 17, I am now 58 and still rebuilding gas pump components. 41 yrs.
I'm still around, still doing computers.
I can't keep up with demand. I don't move as fast as I used too.
I am also trying to get my Bessie back in shape.
One reason I don't post much anymore.
At least you can always come back here to a CIVILIZED place.
There are some real jerks on some of the car pages on FB.

This old truck has had too many gas pumps on it to count and has made
several trips to pickup and deliver large computer orders. I once had 5 pumps standing up on back !!!
In the bed is one of them $25.00 A-38 pumps we used to get back in 1988.
I bought the truck in 87 for hauling dirt bikes. She has not been on the road since my heart attack 8 yrs ago
I hope this is my LAST big resto.
The house was heck !!!!

I sure do miss ol DB. He was a hoot.
He would give me heads up on stuff all the time.