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For Sale Petroliana with prices
4 hours ago
I think I should speak to all of you. I am now almost 85 years old. For the last twelve years I have done nothing but work on the Gas Pump book that is now available. Over these years I have neglected many things, I just wanted to finish this last book.

Do to my military in the U.S. Army I am 100% deft, so it very difficult for me to talk on the phone even though I have a caption phone.

With a few exceptions I did not collect large items such as globe, signs even gas pumps that I write about. Primarily I collected literature. My though was back in 1990 that guys restoring pumps would like to have copies of anything to do with the pump that they were restoring, but alone came the web. The new generation now expects to find everything on the web, so I am now looking at 41 file drawers of original service station literature.

All the other things I have accumulated are also for sale, and I am trying to find a way to dispose of them. But again, at 84 I don't operate as quickly as I used to, so if you need anything, information, ECO parts, literature and don't hear back from me, please, email me again. My email address is jhsim@petrocollect.com

Jack Sim
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
6 hours ago
Strip map, brochure and Polly cover sold
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General Petroliana Discussion
8 hours ago
Great picture!
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Online Auctions, eBay Craigslist Petroliana
9 hours ago
In years past, smaller signs (like a gas pump plate) were the easiest to reproduce in places like India and ship here for people to sell as “originals”. So I basically stay clear of all of the smaller signs unless I know it’s original or the price is cheap enough to take a chance.

Unfortunately, the bigger signs are being reproduced now, aged and sold as “originals”. So even those aren’t safe.

Also, the reproducing is getting so good that people on here offer differing opinions at times to what is real or not. Makes you wonder how things will be in 20-30 years when even the reproduced signs are truly aged and the old timers who knew the intricate details on originals are gone and all the knowledge went with them. I’m not trying to be depressing but it’s just where we are at currently.
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
9 hours ago
$175 Shipped...

Lion Head SAE 60 sample bottle...

The red wax seal is cracked and a small piece of the paper label has torn off and is missing (see photos). Measures approx. 1 1/2" x 6 1\2"...

[Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
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General Petroliana Discussion
9 hours ago
Got this pump on a recent pick and have gone through Jack's book twice with no luck. Top cylinder has a 12x27 cylinder and no fuel discharge nozzle pipe to hook your hose to. Base has the same number of sides as the top. Any help would be appreciated.
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Want to Buy Petroliana
9 hours ago
Looking for a nice set of face plates for my Wayne 511 Sunoco pump. The computer sports 5 price wheels, So I guess face plates that have the 5 openings. Thanks, Rick
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
9 hours ago
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Want to Buy Petroliana
10 hours ago
I have a pole if you need another.
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
10 hours ago
They look nice
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General Petroliana Discussion
10 hours ago
Jim Donation in the mail Thanks Bill
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Want to Buy Petroliana
Yesterday at 11:03 PM
I’m looking for some original weatherproof lights for a standard pole to light my sign. Does anyone have a set they’d sell? I’m also looking for flame if anyone has one.
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
Yesterday at 10:32 PM
Rare find a FILL UP WITH BILLUPS your friend patch that was never used 3 1/2”wide by 1 7/8” high at the crest of patch.

$30.00 shipped
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Want to Buy Petroliana
Yesterday at 10:05 PM
[u]Hi everyone. I am still searching for an elusive Texaco restroom key holder. I am going to post a few pictures for comparison...Texaco had a few variations of the keyholders. The first one is the old version. The second one, without the keys, is the transition piece I am looking for..I already have the correct cursive style hexagon keys. The third picture is the final transition piece when they started doing tan signs and key holders.
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Showcase and Stories, Petroliana
Yesterday at 08:32 PM
.. ... cool
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General Petroliana Discussion
Yesterday at 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by Stephenwarren30
Here is my question...because I am really baffled by these reproductions...where are these coming from?

Are they all coming from India? Are there dark underworld figures with talent manufacturing these in different locations in the USA? Where would this Metro come from WITH the Texlite Dallas Mark?


what kind of a profit these are making for someone or some organization.

Reproductions are definitely made in India. They might also be made in South America, Germany, and Tennessee, to name a few.

I remember a guy on-line talking about the porcelain sign company he was starting, I believe in Tennessee (I believe he posted on OldGas). It sort of makes sense because there are a ton of repops on eBay coming out of Tennessee. And there’s nothing wrong with making signs represented as repop, it’s the alterations that’s the problem. I wish every legitimate repop manufacture made an intentional obvious difference in their signs. Gas pump heaven is starting to do a lot to make sure there PPP’s are obvious.

As far as makers marks, copyrights, origin of manufacture, “property of”, and date stamps..... the fraudulent repop companies don’t care. Whatever makes it look real to make more money.

And as far as profits go, it is probably exponentially huge... growing by the month. There are hundreds of guys selling fake pump plates from $75-$750+ every single day. Just look up any guy selling a fake pump plates or signs on eBay, click on his user name, click on other items for sale, then click on sold items, then sort them from highest price to lowest. Or what’s really sad, is sort them by date and you can see how many people they are ripping off weekly (and that’s just one seller!).

And the bigger signs are bringing in tons of money, selling for several thousands of dollars every day.

It’s sad, but it’s seems like it’s getting to the point, where it’s hard to think of a sign that ISN’T reproduced.

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Want to Buy Petroliana
Yesterday at 07:32 PM
Yes it is 30"
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For Sale Petroliana for Offers, Bids or Trades (unpriced)
Yesterday at 02:52 PM
I sent you a message
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
Yesterday at 02:01 PM
Bump- All in reduced price of $1200.00.
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
Yesterday at 11:19 AM
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Showcase and Stories, Petroliana
Yesterday at 07:03 AM
Rob has been back in the garage rebuilding the 541 patina Richfield pump. I had absolutely no suction at the input pipe before working on it. It now has great suction after dismantling it and freeing up the rotor seals. The next step is to clean and free up the meter. I have been filming the process for my Youtube channel. Stay tuned for hopefully pumping action! I want this pump to be fully operational soon. Thanks for your interest!

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Showcase and Stories, Petroliana
Yesterday at 05:43 AM
Great stuff everyone. Kim that Beeline looks like it was made yesterday. Nice Polly can Mike.
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Non-Petro For Sale, Trade or Wanted
Yesterday at 05:05 AM
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Petroliana News
Yesterday at 03:18 AM
I have bought several items in Glenn's auctions the past several years. I pretty much make it an annual pilgrimage to attend his February auction in Tomah. Not an easy drive for me (about 10 hours in good weather) to be sure but it's a fun weekend. IMO, Glenn gets good money for stuff because most of it is top-notch and fairly rare. The good stuff brings the $$$.

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Want to Buy Petroliana
Yesterday at 02:48 AM
Friend of mine needs one of the old nozzle hooks that do onto the outside of the skins on a Viso pump. It has a round circle in it and mounts with two holes directly to the skins. We need the exact one and do not have a picture, maybe someone can supply that. Thanks Thanks Ramon for the picture.
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