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Ames Harris Neville “Desert Radiator" Bag Ghostflowers 9 hours ago Ames Harris Neville (Standard Oil) “Desert Radiator Bag”

Very old example, Ames Harris Neville (Standard Oil) “Desert Radiator Bag”

The Desert Brand canvas water bag was designed so that a small amount slowly seeped through the canvas and evaporated as you drove, cooling the remaining water inside the bag. In order to function properly it was hung on the outside of your car. These were seen on almost every auto that traveled the highways of the arid southwest and served double duty: quench your thirst and to refill your radiator.

The W. A. Plummer Manufacturing Company of San Francisco, an established manufacturer of tents and canvas products, patented the Desert Water Bag on February 9, 1916. The fabric of the bag — half flax, half jute — was woven in Glasgow, Scotland. The bag was made in a variety of sizes and the top of the bag could be opened for cleaning.
In 1923 Ames Harris Neville Co. purchased W. A. Plummer and started producing the iconic water bag under its own name at the Portland, Oregon factory. Ames Harris Neville made water bags exclusively for Standard Oil.

$50.00, Shipping is USPS Priority at cost. Message with any questions.
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Texaco skychief pp bennett_646 12 hours ago I would like to get a Texaco skychief pump plate like the one in the picture.
Let me know if you have one. I would be interested in any condition

Thank you
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Wayne 866 Hardy's Garage Yesterday at 11:58 PM I'm looking for the nozzle rest and support structure for the referenced pump. I have the clockface mechanism and its basic cast iron frame, but need everything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Marshall
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Aqua E- 700 Hardy's Garage Yesterday at 11:54 PM I am looking for two light bulb covers and locking rings like the ones pictured. I am fairly sure these fit a lot of different pumps and believe my pump was once owned by Dick Bennett which makes it special to me.
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Staying Busy Hardy's Garage Yesterday at 11:46 PM Like many of you I’m self quarantined and working on a couple of projects that are long overdue. One is a Wayne 866 and the other is an Aqua E-700. I started the Wayne some 15 years ago, before my wife and I moved to our current home, and just never got back to it. The Aqua has been untouched for approximately 7 or 8 years and I got the bug to work on it after finishing an Aqua E-455. I do not do any detailed restoration work as I like the original look and keep my pumps in a high traffic area. I like to rewire the lights, replace any broken parts, including glass, clean the computers and install parts that were missing. There may not be any shows for some time but the number of completed pumps in personal collection is sure to soar.

I hope everyone is social distancing at the least and staying home as much as possible. I have two daughters that are in health care, one is a vet tech in a NYC emergency animal hospital and they are out of masks (their concern is getting the virus from a coworker, two of which have already tested positive, or someone dropping off their pet,) and the other is the lead nurse in the COVID 19 area of her hospital and she is assigned one face mask per week. Proud of them and scared to death at the same time.

Please be safe, stay home as much as possible and continue to enjoy our terrific hobby,

I'll post some pictures once I get the pumps done.
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walburn gasoline marky Yesterday at 11:30 PM looking for anything walburn gasoline maps smalls ect
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Not sure about this one! Rick S. Yesterday at 11:00 PM While on our Michigan lock-down, wife & I are tending to the things on "THE LIST" to do but never will. She found this picture that blew me away!
It is a tiny picture that must have come from either of our parents. Since both sets of parents grew up in Detroit, I must figure it was there.
I never saw pumps like these! They look like Big Ben clocks! Unfortunately, this picture is not much larger than a business card.
I can't seem to zoom in enough to read the decal on the lubester. Any Idea's?
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SHELL OIL CO.CUFF LINKS. hawkike Yesterday at 11:00 PM These cuff links are 1" at the widest point,almost the same across.Made of brass and cloisonné and the Pecten is the old style,30's 40's era..

These cuff links are larger than most I have seen from Shell,condition is mint and never used.On the back of one you can read "patent pending".

Shipped for $25.00

One appears darker but both are the same,just the lighting.
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Texaco pump plates bennett_646 Yesterday at 10:23 PM Got all my Texaco pump plates hung up today.
Not counting the diesel ones, how many else are there?
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A Pickin Story minuteman Yesterday at 10:07 PM Being cooped up waiting out this virus scenario, I brought out an old shoebox full of pictures. A ton of stories in there so I thought I might share one. I'm not much of a story teller but will give it a shot. A bit of a background to start, this box of photo's was from back in the late 80's and well into the 90's. I'm not sure of the exact dates but whenever I had some free time off work I would take what little money I had to spare and hit the road looking for goodies. Sometimes on my own and other times with a friend, so we would split the fuel and motel room costs at that time, 26.00 to fill the truck and about the same for a motel room (we were motel 6 or mom and pop places, not the Hilton, lol).
Anyway on this trip I was in northeast Montana on my own, travelling backroads and checking out all the small towns. Coming into this town I drove down main street (3 blocks long) and at the last corner was an old gas station that was boarded up. No pumps or anything outside and I couldn't see in the windows. I parked out front and walked down the street to a café, went in and inquired as to who owned the old gas station. I now had a name and number so gave it a call. I spoke with a gentleman and asked if he was the owner of the old station and if there might be any old signs or gas pumps back in the work bays. He said the place was basically empty as they had cleared it all out for an auction years ago. So I figured that was a dead end, but I happened to still be on main street and there was a movie theater right next door to the old garage.
So I asked if he knew who owned the old theater and lo and behold he said he owned that also. I asked if there might be any old pop advertising or movie posters in the basement. He said he wasn't sure and asked where I was, I said right in front of the theater, so he said ok wait there and I will be right down. Ten minutes later I get to meet the gentleman, a great guy, likely in his 60's back then. We head down into the basement and there was an older Pepsi 4 head fountain dispenser but i really had no interest in it. Also found boxes of movie posters but the oldest was from the 70's and me knowing nothing about posters passed them up as I figured if they weren't from the 30's to 50's the value would be minimal (Star Wars never crossed my mind lol). So empty handed we headed back upstairs thru the theater.
That's when i noticed all the theater seats were new and this was an old, old building so i asked about the old seats. He said they had replaced them about 10 years ago. I asked if he had chucked them out or what. He said we put them in a building out back and naturally i wanted to take a look at them, maybe make this stop worth while somehow.
So we go past the station and around back. Here there is a big tall tin building behind the gas station, that i had seen, but never gave a second thought because it was so huge and looked to be on a separate piece of property. He fumbles thru a ring of keys, finds the one and unlocks the side door. He no sooner opens the door and i almost sh**t myself as 5 feet inside the door is a twin Wayne Cut 45 in Texaco, still has the pump plates on it and next to new old original paint. Now that I'm inside I can see this was the old bulk shed with a big long dock that they had shedded inside now. Holeeee Keeerist.
I said to him now that's what I'm looking for, he said he had forgot all about the stuff in there. Sure enough the old theater seats are in rows on the old dock floor. I asked if i could look way back in the building and he said go ahead, I'm going home for supper and will come back.
So i got my flashlight and went snooping thru the seats and tons of other junk in there. I could see it used to be Texaco for sure as there was boxes of nos map holders, cases of maps, pump plates, etc. Then way against the back wall i shone my flashlight in the corner and holy keeeerist
there was a dispenser of some sort that i had never seen before, but i was NOT leaving without it, no matter what the cost. So after rooting around in there for about 90 minutes, tons of stuff, he sold snowmobile stuff, etc. He stopped back and we chatted for awhile, i asked if i could buy the gas pump and the oil dispenser in the back. He knew about it but wasn't real sure what it even looked like anymore by sounds of it. He said he had a partner with this building and would talk it over with him to see if he wanted anything or if i could buy what i wanted. So i decided instantly that i was staying overnight and got a hotel room. I asked him if he would let me know on the stuff in the shed as i had made him an offer on it all and he said he would call the motel. About 9:00 that night i got the call that his partner and him were good with the offer. He said he was at the drive inn theater (he owned that too) and there was a pop dispenser there that i might want to look at, so i headed down there and met him. It wasn't that old and passed on it. I paid him the cash for the pump and oil dispenser and he said he would unlock the door for the shed about 6am when he was delivering milk and i could start loading when i wanted, he would meet up with me when he was done his milk run. I was down there at 6:30 next morning making a trail to get the oil dispenser to the front of the dock from the back corner. It was about a 4 foot drop from the dock to the ground so i decided to leave the oil dispenser on the dock until he could help me lift it down as i didn't want to drop it and break something (it was heavy, cast iron).
By the time he arrived i had loaded the twin wayne on the small snowmobile trailer i was hauling with me and he came inside to help me with the dispenser, once he saw it i could see in his eyes that it was a good thing i had paid for it or he might have changed his mind. He said he forgot that it looked that good, but really had no use for it anymore anyway....so we loaded it on the trailer also and filled the back of my truck with other stuff, including 1 theater seat...lol
I cut the picking trip short and headed back home with a load of stuff and memories. BTW i did stop back in for a few more theater seats to finish off the load from another trip...lol
Well that's it for now, as i think back, thank god i asked about theater seats of all things....
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